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Our Logo represents the freedom that all trained motorcyclists feel.

The TNT Story

My wife had taken a local learn to ride course and by the second day she could no longer handle the instructor’s arrogant behavior and military attitudes, she became so frustrated that she quit. I LIVE the sport, this was not going to happen to my wife, and TNT was born in 1999. I revolutionized the way rider training was being done in Edmonton; we are the original independent school. We coined the phrase, Training for Success which enables our instructors to be reminded that our student’s needs come first. We are the only rider training school that I am aware of that has brought in an independent rider trainer to review our courses and how we deliver them to our students. We are the first school in Canada to offer Lee Parks, Advanced Rider Training Course, Total Control.

In April 2013, I successfully completed the Level 2 BMW Off Road Skills Course taught by Simon Pavey in Wales. I continue to believe in Rider Training Courses and plan to keep being a student to help TNT remain current in our Rider Training Courses.

I was contracted in 2014 to offer specialized rider training courses in Nigeria. TNT Motorcycling was the first Rider Training Company to offer this to Nigeria. I met a lot of great enthusiasts and had a great time supporting their rider training needs. (See Nigeria testimonials for more information)

On January 1, 2015 my 18 year old son, Eric, and I headed to Vegas and put the bikes on heated ground and took 3 months to ride through Mexico, Central America and South America to Ushuaia. We have pictures under our TNT Motorcycling FaceBook page. It was an amazing time and I am very proud of Eric completing this adventure. 18 years old, WOW, he must be one of the youngest riders to ever do this trip.

Our website remains to be one of the best in our industry and we have plans to add more value to all of our students. In 2015 we will have our instructor biographic information on our website and I am very proud to say that all of them offer our students excellent rider training knowledge from their personal motorcycle experiences.

My wife is happily working on her riding skills and is now riding a BMW 800R. Eric will be helping out our instructors this summer, keeping his learning progressing. I will remain focused on providing exceptional courses that other schools will copy and that is ok because we are the original deal

– Chris

What Makes TNT The Leader In Motorcycle Training?

Instructors – Our highly skilled instructors use a variety of approaches to help you learn. Our 5 road instructors have over 75 years of rider training experience and possess certification for advanced street training from the UK & USA. This higher level of instructor expertise enables our students a greater learning experience. All of our instructors are avid motorcyclists who believe in life-long learning – for their students as well as themselves.

Training Bikes – Our fleet of training bikes are going through an over haul in 2013. We are in the process of purchasing a new fleet of street bike to give our students the best choice in the industry. FREE Practice for LIFE! – Since 1999 we have offered our Rider Elements students this perk. Many of our competitors are now following our lead.

What Makes TNT Unique?

Since our inception in 1999, our focus remains on motorcycle rider training.

Our website is one of the best in the industry, enabling our students to: book your courses, make payment, download reading materials, and take our computer based learning modules in the comfort of your own home.

The owner and chief instructor, Chris Bulger, continues to search the motorcycle training industry to keep TNT’s training techniques at a world class level. Chris is the only Canadian to hold the Stayin Safe Advanced Instructor Certification and the Advanced Riding Instruction Certification from the UK and is Gold Certified RoSPA. We are the first Canadian Training Site to offer Lee Parks Advanced Riding Clinics, Total Control.

Approach To Learning

Student success is achieved by understanding our clients. We use various methods; Group Instruction; Skill, Demonstration, One-on-One Coaching, Customized Drills, Positive Feedback

Why Should I Choose TNT To Teach ME?

TNT can state we are the Leader in Motorcycle Training because we understand our role in the sport. We understand all effective teachers require proper tools.

There are two main tools motorcycle instructors need; a safe motorcycle and proper education.

A Safe Motorcycle

Typically most rider training companies do not repair the signal lights or decide to take them right off. They believe they will be broken and it is not worth the cost to repair, some even invest in guards to protect the hand controls and levers from being broken when they crash. Crazy thinking to us, who would you learn to operate a car without working signal lights? Once the rider training company starts being comfortable with bikes that do not pass a simple Bike Check, the instructor skills begin to deteriorate, they start skipping over important information the student needs to learn such as using the signal light switch properly.

At TNT we imagine a new rider taking his bike out for the first time on the road, as he is searching for the unfamiliar signal light switch, his attention and eyes are diverted from the traffic ahead to the switch just as the car in front of them stops short for a pedestrian…

Proper Education

In this day of websites and blogs it is easy for rider training instructors to constantly pat themselves on the back, fabricating so called facts to make it appear they know what they are doing. They shamelessly state they have taught hundreds of thousands of people how to ride. We have done the math and it does not match up.

The owner and chief instructor, Chris Bulger, continues to search the motorcycle training industry to keep TNT’s training techniques at a world class level.

We have brought outside professional trainers from the USA to audit our courses, we know it is a big world out there and even though we spend time and energy on our own instructing skills we feel it is critical to have other highly regarded instructors come and see us.

It is no mistake that we have the first 4 Instructors in Canada that are certified to teach Lee Parks Advanced Riding Clinic, Total Control. Check out our testimonial page for a better insight on our approach.