When do I improve my riding skills, my knowledge? When I reach 1,000 km? 8,000 km? 3 years? 5 years? After I crash? Never?We all know the answer. Every time I ride I should get better. From the beginner to the expert we ask ourselves, what skills? And how?The answer. Enroll in Street Rider in 2023.This customized course challenges the motorcyclist to understand and practice the skills required to ride safe.

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      We begin with our 3 ½ hour road ride.  We use our SENA bike to bike communication systems to improve your forward planning and hazard recognition skills. This is where we take the theory that we learned on our TNT portal.  We will also take this opportunity to improve your acceleration and braking skills.

      LUNCH from noon to 1 pm

      After lunch we focus on our slow speed drills. These On lot maneuvers are a critical piece to riding a motorcycle with skill and confidence.

      Our second afternoon session is a 2 hour Moto-Gymkhana event that is designed to put all of your new skills together with a fun filled closed lot course. The challenge is to have each rider reduce their previous time on the obstacle layout. We will review the day and finish up at 4 pm.


      All riders must hold an Alberta Class 6 License and have a safe, insured and registered motorcycle. This 8 hour course is designed to be taken on your own motorcycle. . All bikes will be subject to pass our Motorcycle Safety Check. This course consists of a Home Study Section. Students will complete our on line theory package and on line test. Must be successfully completed before you come to our course site.

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