Do you want to learn to ride? This is our premier motorcycle program and provides comprehensive training. Quality motorcycles included.

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      Do you want a course that prepares you properly for the road?

      We believe you need a solid foundation of skills to be a controlled, smooth rider. Our Rider Elements course has been developed to help you achieve this by using three approaches: our on-line theory module, our closed on-lot module and our on-road module. You will use our bikes for all of the practical training.

      2 Day Format
      This course is held during one evening (5:45PM to 10:00 PM) and the following day (7:45 AM to 5:00 PM). You will be on the bike the entire time, with appropriate breaks for instruction and discussion. Each student is required to successfully complete our 3 course requirements. The Theory Section, including your home quiz, the Closed Lot Riding Portion, which measures your balance and slow speed control, the On Road Riding Portion, which measures your real life riding skills in various street environments.

      The Closed Lot Riding Portion includes group instruction, skill demonstration, customized drills and constant feedback from our instructors.

      The On-Road Riding Portion has specially trained road instructors that understand the importance of situational awareness. We use a 2:1 student to instructor ratio and each student is equipped with a bike-to-bike communication system and high visibility vest.

      Rental gear is available and requires a cash payment of $20.00 per item for the duration of the course. Payment due on the first day of the course.

      Successful completion of Rider Elements automatically entitles you to our Free Practice for Life program!

      Successful completion of Rider Elements qualifies for our exclusive TNT Motorcycle Insurance Program..

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