New for 2023 Looking to work on your off/on road skills in a real time environment? Rider out to Lumby BC for this exciting 8 hour course. We will meet for coffee in this small town, set the bikes for logging roads and have an ice cream stop after a few hours of gravel riding. After lunch in a small road side restaurant we will tour through some of the best paved roads the interior of BC has to offer. Lots of curvy roads and a ferry ride ending in Nakusp BC for a farewell coffee.

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      This course begins in Lumby BC and ends the day in Nakusp BC. This course will build upon the BMW Off Road - Level 1 Skills, putting you on real trails and roads. Course will work and focus on skills required for enduro riders. You have an on/off road motorcycle and now you have a course that shows you the difference between bike set up and rider skills to help promote safe riding no matter what the road surface.

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