Stephen became a motorcycling instructor in 2010 simply because, “I have a passion for riding and everybody that gets into this fun past time should have as much knowledge as we can offer and be as ready as possible to keep themselves safe on the road.”

 He started riding when he was 18 years old, after his father brought home a 1976 CB750 Super Sport. “We both learned to ride it in a parking lot, with a few mishaps of course. We didn’t really know about rider training courses at that time, but we both got our motorcycle licence on the same day with the same bike.”

 License in hand, Stephen offered to buy the 750 from his father. His father used the money to purchase a 1979 Goldwing. Father and son then took a trip across Canada to Halifax. It was their first trip together. “I put about 85,000km on that bike.”

 After he got married in 1990, Stephen took a long break from motorcycling. He missed it a lot, so in 2001, he purchased a 2001 Honda 1100 Shadow Aero, on which he raked up 40,000km. He also spent weekends going on motorcycling trips with his daughter. His wife decided to cash in on the fun and got her licence. In 2005, She bought a 750 Shadow so the they could have family motorcycle rides.

 After upgrading their bikes to 2007 Hondas - a VTX 1800 for Stephen, and a VTX 1300 for his wife, the couple has done four trips to Sturgis, South Dakota and a trip to Southern Ontario amongst countless weekend trips.

 After putting in 120,000km on the VTX 1800, Stephen moved on to a 2014 Honda Goldwing in 2015. He’s got 32,000km on it and counting.

 For Stephen, “What keeps you safe is you. Don’t ever over step your ability and keep riding.”

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