Curtis BlissettCurtis Blissett
18:52 26 Aug 22
With no motorcycle experience at all prior to the course. The instructors were great and very knowledgeable. Made me feel very comfortable on the bike with gradual progressions.Took my class 6 week after and passed the road test.Very thankful to be apart of TNT driving school.
Ken ZhangKen Zhang
23:08 12 Aug 22
I took the “Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE” course at TNT and wow.. what a great experience. I walked in with zero experience on a motorcycle (have not touched one nor sat on one) and I left with so much confidence that I bought a bike a few days after. There are 12 students and 2 instructors with a lot portion (motorcycle basics, low speed maneuvering) and a road portion (riding on the streets and in the neighbourhood). Chris and Joe were amazing instructors that provided tons of feedback and answered all of my questions. After the course, I did my road test two weeks later and passed with flying colours.If you want to learn how to ride, I HIGHLY recommend taking a course here. You will not regret it. Listen to the instructors, ask questions, and be confident!
Kevin HubbardKevin Hubbard
15:50 26 Jul 22
The majority of instructors were very helpful and the drills covered all the basics, but I would hesitate to call their beginner course beginner friendly.The accelerated nature of their two day course makes it difficult to practice on your weaker skills before being thrown into the next set of drills. Everyone I've talked to has expressed the same feeling of being rushed through.Unfortunately because each new skill you learn builds on the last skill you learned an hour ago, you're going to either sink or swim.
Ashley MoodieAshley Moodie
15:05 12 Jul 22
Coming into the course with zero experience and a ridiculous amount of anxiety + dislike of group settings…but I could not give this course less than five stars. Two instructors + one in training meant plenty of time to ask questions, observe, and receive feedback or encouragement. I went from being terrified of bikes to understanding the fundamentals needed to operate a bike safely. For me personally a day and a half is not enough time to learn, but I left with a solid understanding of the skills I need to work on. Nothing explained in the classroom was filler or a waste of time - each instructor explains things concisely and effectively. Shoutout to Dan, you will be an amazing instructor!!!
Jason GladueJason Gladue
22:46 10 Jul 21
I bought my son and I this training course for his birthday. He had zero riding experience, and I hadn't been on a bike for about 30 years.The instructors are friendly, funny and very knowledgeable.The course itself is amazing. Once you pass the course you can book your class 6 road test, and they will let you use their bikes.I highly recommend this course! I can't say enough good things about it. You will be 100 % satisfied.