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Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Learn To Ride a Can-Am 3 Wheel Vehicle This new course is a partnership program with BRP that allows you to ride a Spyder or the NEW Ryker for 60% off the normal course prices. Limited Introductory special price of 60% off equates to $199.00


Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Do you want to learn to ride? This is our premier motorcycle program and provides comprehensive training. Bikes provided and gear available.


Rider Instincts

When do I improve my riding skills, my knowledge? When I reach 1,000 km? 8,000 km? 3 years? 5 years? After I crash? Never? We all know the answer. Every time I ride I should get better. From the beginner to the expert we ask ourselves, what skills? And how? The answer. Enroll in Rider Instincts in 2020.This customized course challenges the motorcyclist to understand and practice the skills required to ride safe.


Miette Hot Springs Run - Elevate Your Road Skills

We have updated this excellent course in 2017 to make it more affordable. Would you like to improve your cornering skills? Join us for this amazing course in beautiful Jasper National Park!


Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Are you preparing for your Alberta Class 6 Road Test? Do you want to refine your skills? Need more confidence with your riding skills? This two-hour customized course is the course for you, or your friend.


Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road - BIG BiKE'S

Now offering this revolutionary training course in Kelowna! Use your own larger adventure dual purpose bike for this one-day course.Do you want to sharpen your off-road riding skills or take your first off-road riding class so you can venture off the pavement? No matter what brand of bike you ride this course is for you! 


Edmonton - BMW Off Road - BIG BIKE'S WANTED

Now offering this revolutionary training course at Edmonton's first Enduro Park Use your own larger Enduro bike for this 1 day course.Do you want to sharpen your off-road riding skills or take your first off-road riding class so you can venture off the pavement? No matter what brand of bike you ride this course is for you! 


Ashley - Rider Elements Completion

Thursday, Sep 12, 2019

Here's the deal.. I took Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE with no experience on a bike, other than being a passenger. The instructors, Ernie and Flavio (I know I'm butchering the spelling of his name) were awesome! Super encouraging, knowledgable and great to spend 2 days with. Despite all their effort and patience with me, I really struggled with almost every goal in the course BUT I somehow left still feeling super accomplished and happy with the time and money spent. I also took this course with a friend of mine who has taken a beginners riding course with a different company and she said TNT far exceeded her previous experience in EVERY way. I went back for Rider Elements Completion (which is incredibly affordable, by the way) and I was amazed with the results. My instructor was Steve and he completely turned my riding around! We started right from scratch and the one on one instruction, plus his open mind and badass personality really made the difference for me! I passed the lot test portion and was shifting comfortably by the end of our 2 hours together. We both agreed that I definitely needed to come back for more instruction but honestly, it didn't feel like a failure at all. He just made me super jazzed about my future on a bike. I just finished AND PASSED my 2nd course completion with Steve and we had a hell of a time. I 100% recommend this course and if you fail miserably the first time around, hang in there! I wish anyone reading this could have the ability to see me that first day on the bike.. and then to see me on the bike, now. These people know what they're doing!

Jackie J - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Tuesday, Sep 3, 2019

I took my course on August 25/19 with Flaviu as my instructor. I had a great time he was very friendly and immediately put me at ease. He was very knowledgeable and very patient with me. I would definitely recommend Flaviu and this course to anyone that is interested in a spyder. Thank you Flaviu.

Tammy M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Aug 19, 2019

I was very anxious upon registering for this course. I wanted to learn to ride but was unsure of myself and ability. Chris, Gord and the two girls were absolutely phenomenal. They were constantly encouraging me and had the faith in me that I was missing. I appreciate the patience and encouragement. After taking this course, I feel ready to purchase a bike and practice for my road test. Thanks so much.

Chris - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Aug 11, 2019

I am not normally one to write testimonials but after completing such a well ran course I felt I would be doing a disservice to the instructors if I didn't. Honestly one of the best investments you could make into yourself. The instruction received throughout and the amount of reps we got in on each drill was phenomenal. Some people needed more help then others on some drills and they took their time with those people without letting the rest of the class lose on any constructive criticism. No egos just some great dudes teaching VERY valuable skills. Highly recommend. Thank you TNT!

Chris W - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Aug 3, 2019

I took the Rider Elements course with Chris and Flaviu with no experience on a motorcycle. I've ridden bicycles for years but never anything powered. After a shaky start, the tips and observations by both Chris and Flaviu were invaluable to improving my confidence on the bikes. After passing the course, I followed that up with the Rider Tactics 1 session with Deryl a week later. Another fantastic session which taught me a lot. After both courses, I knew all I needed was practice. A very valuable investment!

Rhonda L - Rider Elements Completion

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019

I took the Rider Elements Completion 2 hour 1:1 (one to one) session with Flaviu on July 15, 2019. I would recommend any new rider to takes this additional course. The constant 1:1 communication and feedback from the instructor is a huge asset. Not only do you go over all the course work, handling and riding concepts but you also get a 1:1 road ride, through multiple settings and longer duration based on your abilities up to 90 minutes. Flaviu was patient, knowledgeable and continually asked how I was feeling, doing and answered all my questions. If you have taken the Learn to Ride course, consider taking the additional course, it truly boosts your confidence and FUN factor. Thanks for a great experience.

Khaled M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jul 8, 2019

Hats off to the TNT group. I went to the St Albert location after a long day of work. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect but it was such a blast. Everyone was friendly and did their best to show us what we should focus on. We also learned from their riding experiences. Thanks to Chris and all the crew. Regards Khaled

Frank & Stephanie - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Wednesday, Jul 3, 2019

My wife and I took the Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics Course with Chris and it was AMAZING! Chris is an awesome instructor who not only taught us so much, but made the entire experience so much fun! If you don't go into this course wanting a Spyder or Ryker of your own - you will after riding one! What a blast!!

Kent M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jul 2, 2019

I took the rider elements course over the 27th and 28th of June. I really have nothing but great things to say about my experience. The hands on learning aspect and steady drills, rain or shine (thankfully it was mostly shine) were great for building confidence on the bike. Most of my time in the course was spent working with Flaviu, and I can't thank him enough for making the course fun and passing on lots of quality knowledge down to us all. He was super patient, and always calm and kind and that makes the entire experience even better! The road ride was great. I'm sorry but I cannot remember the name of the road instructor on the 28th, I'm horrible with names, but that being said they too were very kind and patient. TNT Response - Ernie was the Road Instructor :) The entire two days were great, and not once did I ever feel like I was pushed into anything uncomfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend taking this course to anyone who wants to get a solid start on riding motorcycles. I will also for certain be back to take further offered courses in the near future. Thanks for a great time and a great experience

Hassan M - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Saturday, Jun 29, 2019

Ours was an exhilarating experience. Had never been on a bike before. Chris and Ernie were awesome in explaining the parts of the bikes and instruction to ride. We really enjoyed our road trip. We switched between the Spyder and Ryker and got a really good feel of each machine. I highly recommend not just this course, but TNT for any riding lessons.