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Rider Tactics 1 - Customized 4U

Are you preparing for your Alberta Class 6 Road Test? Do you want to refine your skills? Need more confidence with your riding skills? This two-hour customized course is the course for you, or your friend.


Total Control Practice

For Graduates of Total Control Level 1.


Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road Skills

Now offering this revolutionary training course in Kelowna! Use your own bike for this one-day course.Do you want to sharpen your off-road riding skills or take your first off-road riding class so you can venture off the pavement? No matter what brand of bike you ride this course is for you! 


Course Completion

For students who did not successfully complete Rider Elements. Please call our office to book.


Club Courses

Is your club interested in training as a group? We can create a course to meet your needs. Please contact us for details.


Edmonton - BMW Off Road Skills

Now offering this revolutionary training course at Edmonton's first Enduro Park Use your own bike for this 2 day course.Do you want to sharpen your off-road riding skills or take your first off-road riding class so you can venture off the pavement? No matter what brand of bike you ride this course is for you! 


Rider Elements - Beginner

Do you want to learn to ride? This is our premier motorcycle program and provides comprehensive training. Successful completion entitles you to one FREE road test bike rental to be used the same season. Bikes provided and gear available.


Miette Hot Springs Run - Intermediate

We have updated this excellent course in 2017 to make it more affordable. Would you like to improve your cornering skills? Join us for this amazing course in beautiful Jasper National Park!


Total Control - Advanced Rider

TNT is the first Canadian location to be fully certified to offer this amazing course. Based on the Best-Selling book by National Champion Lee Parks. Bring your own bike for this specialized training.


Brian Ball - Rider Elements - Beginner

Sunday, Jun 17, 2018

Hello, I attended this past weekends beginning motorcycling course with a friend and my daughter. We all started with different experience levels and all three of us agree 1. How much fun we had, and 2. How skilled and knowledgeable all of the instructors were/are. We truly had a great time and it all started in the first few moments with introductions.You guys did such a nice job of making us feel at home and setting the tone for a relaxed learning atmosphere. Thanks to team of Steve, Heather, Doug and Katrina, and feel free to post my testimonial if you like. My daughter and I will be there on Monday to do our road tests. :-) Using your bikes after all.

Carissa - Rider Elements - Beginner

Friday, Jun 15, 2018

This is truly an amazing and fun course to be a part of! Although I had wanted to ride a motorcycle for quite some time, I was nervous to get started. I wanted to learn the safe handling techniques of a bike with proper maneuvers - this course definitely exceeded my expectations and didn't disappoint. The instructors were very patient, calm and constructive which not only gave me the knowledge and confidence to ride but also made learning an enjoyable experience! Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start riding. Huge shout out to the instructors - Thank you!

Miguel - Rider Tactics 1 - Customized 4U

Saturday, Jun 2, 2018

Been riding for 36 years but almost exclusively on gravel roads and trails with limited traffic experience. Deryl was a fantastic mentor and gave me the skills to survive the city and highway with grace. He was patient in answering all my questions and we had a lot of laughs to boot. This course was more than worth the cost - it's a life saver.

Roy - Rider Elements - Beginner

Saturday, Jun 2, 2018

Although I had ridden motorcycles for years in Europe I still learnt a lot from this course. A great,friendly atmosphere to learn in. I was really impressed by the way the instructiors took people who had never ridden a motorcycle before and gave them the skills to ride safely over the period of the course. I highly recommend this course for anyone thinking of taking up motorcycling.

Karen - Course Completion

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This course was absolutely the best thing I could have done. The one on one (two in my case Darrel and Darcy), was the extra I needed to develop and build the confidence to hit the road safely. Both of these gentlemen offered loads of information and technique for my skill set to improve upon. Thanks to theses guys I have had my bike out numerous times, feels good to venture past the lane behind the house! Look forward to taking the tactical course.

Rob M. - Rider Elements - Beginner

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Rider Elements - Beginner course was fantastic! I had no previous riding experience and left (after passing of course) feeling like a motorcycle veteran. I gained confidence and feel safe on a motorcycle with the skills learned. The instructors were all so patient and knowledgeable and really showed interest that we all got the most out of the course. I have since taken and passed my road test and can't wait to purchase a bike of my own to bring by and show them. I'm really going to enjoy riding the roads. Thank you very much Larry, Steve and Deryl

Cindy Groshko - Rider Tactics 1 - Customized 4U

Sunday, May 20, 2018

3 Wheel Spyder Can Am Course, great instructor, awesome one on one instruction on basic road safety. Very happy with TNT and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn the basics on 2 or 3 wheels.

Nicole Christensen - Rider Elements - Beginner

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A MUST for anyone learning to ride a motorcycle. I had been on the back of the bike for years, but decided to get my own bike. My confidence level on my bike since the course has significantly improved. I am confident in the skills I learned over the course of 2 days and can't wait for all of the adventures I will now have because of it. I recommend this course for everyone. It is DEFINITELY worth the money. Thank you to Larry and Chris who made the experience a breeze for even the most difficult to teach! Sending you nothing but positive vibes! Thank you, thank you!!

Russ - Rider Elements - Beginner

Monday, May 14, 2018

I took the beginner course on May 10 and 11. It was a great course for anyone first learning to ride. It was good for someone that has never been on a bike to those who have ridden before. I got a lot out of this course. After practicing on my own bike the following weekend, I took my road test that Monday and pass with no mistakes. The examiner said I can handle the bike very well. Thank you to the guys at TNT.

Ashley - Rider Elements - Beginner

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Very well done compressed course. I personally learned a lot from the material and instructors. Each instructor had their own teaching style. What i found especially helpful was when an instructor would tell me what i did right and how to do something differently next time instead of you did this wrong. One thing i would strongly suggest is taking more mini breaks to get drinks of water. On hot days we are riding bikes that are producing heat and we are stuck under leather in jeans and in a helmet. It gets hot and we dehydrate quickly. I personally ended up with a migraine that lasted two days as i was dehydrated. Drinking breaks is a suggestion. Overall awesome course. I started feeling scared and left feeling confident