Total Control - Advanced Rider

TNT is proud to be the 1st Canadian site to offer this revolutionary program, which has been taught all over the United States of America; as well as Europe and Russia. It has become a favorite with law enforcement and military personnel throughout the world. Be one of the first in Canada to experience it! Check it out

We all have friends that can ride motorcycles really great in a straight line, which is what the Alberta prairies are full of flat straight roads. But most riders have a secret shame, cornering. When asked they admit that they need to improve their cornering skills.

How does an Albertan improve their skills before heading across Canada or into BC where the roads are twisty and the corners are blind?

This one-day course using your own motorcycle is about improving your cornering skills as well as helping you understand how what you do affects how your bike handles. The course discusses the 7 keys to cornering which include; traction management, mental state, throttle control, visual acuity, line selection and suspension. There is also a complete section on suspension, how it works and how to adjust yours to make your bike work best.

We are offering this course in Edmonton.

Location Upcoming Date Price Class Size Spots Left Instructors
West Edmonton Christian Assembly
June 30, Sat. 7:45 AM to 5:00 PM
$450.00 6 0 Chris B.
West Edmonton Christian Assembly
July 21, Sat. 7:45 AM to 5:00 PM
$450.00 6 2 Flaviu I.


Olaf W - Total Control - Advanced Rider

Saturday, Aug 26, 2017

Great course, Flaviu took me to the next level... Can't wait for Total Control 2. Thanks.

Shawn L - Total Control - Advanced Rider

Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017

After approx 200,000 miles of riding and feeling overly confident on most street bikes. I decided to add some professional instruction to my skills after a friend told me about TNT. The Total Control course was humbling to say the least as I found myself handling throttle/brake and negotiating curves with markedly improved techniques. Flaviu was tireless, extremely skillful and detailed in delivering instruction for countless maneuvering activities. Anyone riding two motorcycles of any type would certainly benefit from this course.

Claudia R - Total Control - Advanced Rider

Friday, May 19, 2017

I was definitely nervous about taking the Total Control course having fallen off my bike last year, but also knew that getting my confidence back would be all I needed and considering that I learned to ride with TNT (in 2009) that was definitely the place to go to get my confidence back. The course was on May 13, 2017 and it was a miserable day for riding or being outside in general but Flavio, Rainor & Chris were awesome and very encouraging, Every time they would show us what to do I would think I can't do that and then I did it! I am feeling much more confident in my cornering ability and have really learned to trust my bike. I am looking forward to putting what I learnt to practice this summer and will never hesitate to keep learning and improving my skills with TNT. Thanks again for a great day and for helping me get my confidence back. You guys ROCK!!

Richard G - Total Control - Advanced Rider

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Found the course to be very informative regarding motorcycle cornering, riding, focus and attitude. I feel that there was a substantial amount of information to digest in one day and that maybe the course length should be longer to allow for more detail explanation and practical applications. Thanks, Richard G

Steve - Total Control - Advanced Rider

Monday, May 25, 2015

Chris and Rainor Great Total Control Course on the weekend. Even though we may not have looked like Lee Parks (or even Chris) at the end of the course the lessons and practice have already made a noticeable difference to how I approach and execute a corner. The lessons on Vision, speed control and body position as well as the “10 steps” give a structure to the process that take the guess work out of what to do and when to do it. That by itself has made tighter corners less intimidating. I look forward to practicing the techniques you taught. Thanks again

Mark L - Total Control - Advanced Rider

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014

4 years ago I made the decision to take the Rider Elements course as I was returning to riding after many years. Last weekend I took the Total Control course. Building on the experience gained after Rider Elements, this 1 day course helped me develop my riding skills and confidence more than I can express. Chris and Reiner not only helped us to improve our riding skills, but gave us the mental tools necessary to continue building upon them everytime we get on our bikes. If you love riding, do yourself a favour and take the Total Control course. RIDE, LEARN, LIVE.