Will I do the test for the Class 6 Motorcycle License at the course?

Effective January 1 2021 all road tests for our students will be conducted by WEST End Registries. TNT Motorcycling will have test bikes available for students only during the listed test dates for WEST End Registries. More details on this process is attached to your on line portal when you book into a Rider Elements Course or Rider Tactics Course. All class 6 test questions need to be directed to West End Registries as TNT only provides training.

Can I use TNT’s motorcycle for my road test?

Yes! Upon successful completion of Rider Elements you are entitled to one FREE Bike rental ($90 value) to use for your Road Test. The bike rental must be used in the same season you successfully complete Rider Elements training.

Do I need to do the Alberta Government Motorcycle Knowledge test before I do a course?

Yes. You are required to complete the Class 6 Knowledge Test before doing our courses.

Do I need to have a driver’s license to do the course?

Yes. You must have either:

  1. a valid Alberta Class 5 Operator’s License (Or equivalent from other Province/Territory)
  2. a valid Alberta Class 7 Learner’s Permit and be over 16 years old.
I am 16 years old and have my Class 7 Operator’s License, can I do the course?

Yes. Students must be a minimum of 16 years old and have a parent or legal guardian sign the Parental Waiver.


In order to operate the motorcycle in a safe manner students who have a small inseam or any physical issue that may prevent them from having both feet on the ground while sitting on the motorcycle need to pre-visit the course site before booking into a course.

Do I need to wear riding gear?
Yes. You must wear:

Full Face Helmet - DOT approved
Jacket - leather, denim, Kevlar, heavy rip-stop nylon
Pants - jeans, motorcycle pants, chaps
Boots - leather or heavy nylon, hiking boots, motorcycle riding boots, must cover your ankles. No high top running shoes or fashion boots
Gloves - leather, full-fingered
For the on-road communication portion all students must bring standard wired earbuds that have a regular rounded jack (not the new flat IPhone ones) to plug into our communication system.
What if I don’t have riding gear?
Due to Covid-19 the rental gear option will not be available this season and all students are responsible to bring their own gear
Do I need to bring a motorcycle?

No, we provide the training motorcycles for all of our beginner courses. For Advanced Courses students ride their own bikes. Please see Courses for more detail.

What type of motorcycles does TNT provide?

We use quality motorcycles - Honda’s and Suzuki’s. We believe that our students want to try standards and sport bikes to understand which riding position fits them best.

When do I have to pay for the course?

Full payment is required at time of booking.

How do I pay for the course?

Payment can be made online using VISA or Mastercard. Cash is accepted in our office via appointment only.

What if I register and pay for a course then need to cancel or change the date?

Please contact us by email: info@tntmotorcycling.com or phone 780-447-3264 to cancel or reschedule.

Our cancellation policy is 3 business days prior to your course start date. If you provide notice 3 business days prior to your course start date you will receive a refund less an administration fee within 30 days.

You may change your course date 3 business days prior to your course start date at no extra charge. If you provide less than 3 business days’ notice there will be no refund.

I want to register for a course that is full. Do you have a waitlist?


How much time will be spent in the classroom?

Our theory modules are computer based but your questions are discussed on site during our Tip Talks. Come prepared to ride and feel free to ask your questions during any of our exercises!

What if I show up late for my course?

Start times are mandatory – showing up late will be cause for dismissal with no refund.

What if I do not pass the course?

You may book into our two hour Course Completion for a nominal fee.

Do you offer discounts for group bookings?

Yes, if you are interested in registering 12 or more people please call our office.

Do I have to register for my FREE Practice for Life?

No. Practice is available 12:00PM-1:00PM when we are running training courses. Please remember to bring your TNT Rider Elements Certificate and your riding gear with you.