Chris - BMW Off Road, Lot, Road, Total Control Instructor

Founder & Chief Instructor

Chris started riding when he was 16 years old. His father rode, so it seemed only natural that Chris would want to follow suit. The first thing he was taught was that if he wanted to ride a motorcycle, he had to learn to put it together.

Chris started teaching in 1996, and after his wife got frustrated where she was taking a local learn-to-ride course, Chris decided that since this was a sport he lived, he could also help people attain the freedom that trained motorcyclists feel, and thus he founded TNT Motorcycling in 1999.

He designed the course curriculum based on his extensive motorcycling experiences and his studies as a Rehabilitation Practitioner Diploma holder.

In 2007, Chris started to concentrate on training the trainer, and that led him to take motorcycle-training courses from all over the world to improve on his riding skills and acquire more knowledge.

He is the only Canadian to obtain his On Street Instructor Certification from Stayin’ Safe. In 2010, Chris  became licensed Instructor for Total Control’s Advanced Rider Certification & passed his Motor Officer Training Course taken in Southern California. He holds an Advanced Motorcycle Instruction Diploma as well as the RoSPA Advanced Riders Top Certification, Gold Grade in the UK.

After a 2009 road trip across Argentina and Chile, Chris got hooked on off road riding. His new found interest saw him learning from Simon Pavey at the BMW Off Road Skills School in Wales, where he obtained his level 1 and 2 Off Road certification. 

In 2015, BMW Motorrad Canada sponsored Chris to Germany to become a certified BMW Off Road Instructor.

For Chris, riding also provides special moments with family to cherish, just like riding with his brother and buddy to the USA for the first time on his Honda CB750F, riding with his wife immediately after she got her license on her KLR650, and riding with his son, Eric on numerous Three Flag Classics (Eric has received the youngest rider award two times in a row). In 2015 Chris and Eric rode from USA to Argentina through Mexico, Central America, Chile and Ushuaia.

In 2017, Chris & his wife Marion rode the 3 Flags with their daughter Julianna, who won the youngest rider award. Chris has ridden the 3 Flags Classic 7 times.

For anyone who wants to ride, Chris says, "Never stop learning" and borrowing BMW’s slogan, he adds, “Make Life A Ride"

Deryl - Road Instructor


It was all about fun and mobility when Deryl started riding in 1964. He became a licensed motorcycle-riding instructor in 1980. His first bike was a Lambretta 175 scooter.

Deryl has ridden on three continents including two years riding in Africa (dodging goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, horses, camels, lizards, snakes, vultures, lorries, cars and pedestrians!).

He has ridden the Three Flags Classic three times, including Whistler to Tijuana in four days. He’s also a member of the Iron Butt Association, having qualified with his safe long distance riding experience.

In 2015, he won the TNT Motorcycling Nicest Instructor Trophy.

If you find yourself in Deryl’s class, his tip for you is: “riding collision-free is mostly a mental game.”

Steve - Lot Instructor

Stephen became a motorcycling instructor in 2010 simply because, “I have a passion for riding and everybody that gets into this fun past time should have as much knowledge as we can offer and be as ready as possible to keep themselves safe on the road.”

 He started riding when he was 18 years old, after his father brought home a 1976 CB750 Super Sport. “We both learned to ride it in a parking lot, with a few mishaps of course. We didn’t really know about rider training courses at that time, but we both got our motorcycle licence on the same day with the same bike.”

 License in hand, Stephen offered to buy the 750 from his father. His father used the money to purchase a 1979 Goldwing. Father and son then took a trip across Canada to Halifax. It was their first trip together. “I put about 85,000km on that bike.”

 After he got married in 1990, Stephen took a long break from motorcycling. He missed it a lot, so in 2001, he purchased a 2001 Honda 1100 Shadow Aero, on which he raked up 40,000km. He also spent weekends going on motorcycling trips with his daughter. His wife decided to cash in on the fun and got her licence. In 2005, She bought a 750 Shadow so the they could have family motorcycle rides.

 After upgrading their bikes to 2007 Hondas - a VTX 1800 for Stephen, and a VTX 1300 for his wife, the couple has done four trips to Sturgis, South Dakota and a trip to Southern Ontario amongst countless weekend trips.

 After putting in 120,000km on the VTX 1800, Stephen moved on to a 2014 Honda Goldwing in 2015. He’s got 32,000km on it and counting.

 For Stephen, “What keeps you safe is you. Don’t ever over step your ability and keep riding.”

Flaviu - Lot, Road, Total Control Instructor


Lot, Road, Total Control Instructor

Flaviu started riding in Romania in the year 2000. His first motorcycle was a 1992 Voskhod 175cc, otherwise known as a Cossack 175 in North America.

Some of Flaviu’s most memorable rides include:

  • Being towed by another motorcyclist while using a pair of long johns as tow cable for about 200km at night in the rain and on a mountain road!
  • Riding from his hometown in Berlin in 21 hours to meet his girlfriend whom he hadn’t seen in four months (over 1600km with 4 border crossings).
  • Touring Europe, two-up on a Yamaha FJ 1200.
  • Riding from Edmonton to Montreal and back for the Formula 1 Race.
  • Riding from Alaska to Ushuaia (Argentina) with his wife, (two-up), for a period of over five months, about 50,000km and traversing 12 countries.

He joined TNT’s team of instructors in 2010 and later on became a certified Total Control Instructor.

When he is not working, Flaviu enjoys driving his vintage car, travelling and relaxing with family and friends.

For TNT students, Flaviu recommends, “Keep an open mind and never stop learning.”

Jeremy - Lot, Road Instructor

Jeremy started riding when he was just 10 years old. It was up and down a long driveway on an acreage. With a dad who was really into riding both on and off road, and who taught rider training in the 70s, it’s no surprise that by the time Jeremy was 16, he already had his class 6. His father also influenced his decision to become an instructor.


For Jeremy, it’s important for students to: have the right gear, as comfort aids in the learning process; be patient while they acquire the mussel memory, and never stop learning.


His most memorable riding experiences include: “Anytime I get to go riding through the mountains of Jasper, and summer dirt bike trips in BC.” He also has plans for an epic trip to South America.

When he’s not riding, he loves photography and anything tech or gadget-related.

As an instructor, Jeremy is proud of the fact that he’s been able to help train motorcycle riders in Alberta.

Larry - Lot, Road Instructor


Larry has got over three decades of riding experience. He started riding because, “A  fella offered to trade me his Yamaha in exchange for the car I was selling. It was worth more than the car, so I was going to make some money but made the mistake of riding the bike and got hooked on it."  The bike was a 1979 Yamaha 650 Special.

Larry’s first ride was with his three buddies down to Penticton BC, and a lack of counter steering knowledge saw him riding off the side of Tunnel mountain in Banff. He made it back home on the back of another bike.

He embarked on an Edelweiss Tour with his wife and two other motorcycle instructors and their wives. On their BMW 1200 RTs, they toured Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France. “It was an experience of a lifetime, a fantastic trip with great friends and family,” he says.

In his career as an riding instructor, Larry has been a Senior instructor, and a Chief instructor in Alberta, and has taught basic courses, “Street Skills”, and the “Advanced Rider Course”.

Larry wants TNT students to learn to be, "AWARE of everything around you and do everything on a bike SMOOTHLY.”

Clayton - Instructor


Clayton started riding at the age of 12 years, spending many summers down in the Drumheller Alberta, riding through the surrounding valleys of The Badlands of East Coulee, Alberta. In his early years, he rode more of dirt bikes and made the transition to street bikes mainly for commuting purposes.

Having owned many bikes, he cites the Honda V-65 Magna as one of his best.

He took a break from riding in 1991, after he experienced a near miss with a drunk driver.

In 2012, he took the Rider Elements course at TNT Motorcycling to brush up his skills. “Deryl encouraged me to find my way and take my time, and Jeremy was supportive with technical skills,” he says.

After successfully completing his course, Deryl suggested that he get licensed and become an instructor. So in 2015, he approached TNT’s president, Chris, and by 2016 he obtained his instructor certificate.

In late September of 2016, on a return ride from Golden B.C with his fellow instructors, a motorcycle coming out of a corner wide, clipped his handlebar and sent him into the path of oncoming motorcycles.

Using familiar skills and techniques which he learned at TNT, Clayton successfully avoided a head-on collision!

Clayton’s other memorable rides include the summer when he rode the Whitehorse Wildland Park near Cadomin Alberta, and rode up the challenging rock wall climb to the top of the Cadomin Mountain.

When he’s not riding, Clayton is an Archery instructor. He also enjoys gardening, restoring old project cars, and reading.

Clayton’s word for TNT students is: “Keeping your balance is key. Use your controls. Knowledge gives you the skills to enjoy the ride, have fun, and stay safe”

Roxine - Instructor

Roxine’s riding experience took off later in life when she promised to take motorcycle training after moving back to Manitoba from Vancouver Island.  Every day on her way to work she drove past a motorcycle shop and decided to take the course in Winnipeg in 2004.  There has been no looking back since she got her first taste of the ‘full sensory experience’ motorcycle riding offers.

Her first bike was a Honda VLX 600cc.  Soon she outgrew the power of that bike and moved up to a BMW R1200R and has had a few other models since.  She now has found her niche as an Adventure Bike rider on her BMW F700GS.

Now retired as a police officer, Roxine was a Motor Officer with the RCMP and received the Constable Russell O’Connor Memorial Award during her motorcycle training at the Ontario Police College.  She became a motorcycle instructor with Saskatchewan Safety Council.  After moving to Alberta, she has taken the advanced motorcycle training courses offered through TNT motorcycling and joined the team in 2017.

This year she traveled 8,400 km which included 2,700 km on gravel. In the last two summers, her travels have taken her to nearly every community accessible by gravel in the NWT, into the Yukon, BC, and Alaska.  The main objective was to ride the infamous Dempster Highway which is all gravel starting near Dawson City, Yukon and ending in Inuvik, NWT. Top of the World Highway, Liard Highway, Klondike Highway, Alaska Highway and the McKenzie Highway. Her motorcycle travels have taken her to South Africa and many places throughout North America. There is much more gravel road travelling in her future!

Ernie - Instructor

Like many riders the passion started with someone else’s bike.  A buddy showed up one day on a ’82 Honda CB400. I promptly got on and took it for a “short” spin.  That’s all it took.  I’m not really sure how I ended up with my friend’s bike so often that summer but I managed to get some fun times in even though I didn’t own a bike.  The next summer I had a copy of my friend’s bike.
Having taken courses before becoming an instructor it was always apparent to me that there was always more to learn about riding.
That may be where my  late night (or early morning) city riding comes from.  Its great to have the streets to myself at 2 in the morning in a city.  On a bike it’s a totally different feeling.   
A Triumph Sprint ST is my current ride for road trips, night rides, a quick 1300km day trip to the mountains and those late night city rides.
There are so many different ways to have fun on my bike, from track riding to adventure touring.

I find  it  enjoyable to learn more about riding and that translates into more fun on the road no matter where I travel to next.  

Doug (Wasy) - Lot Instructor


Doug’s riding experience began in Saskatchewan at the age of 16 with the purchase of his first motorcycle - a Honda Custom 650.  As the years rolled by, it was more rides and more bikes, culminating in the purchase of a Honda Goldwing in 2006.

As an active RCMP member of 33 years, a lifelong dream was realized in 2008 when the RCMP in Alberta started a motor officer program.  Doug was selected to attend the motor officer training in Ontario, and subsequently returned to take the Motor Officer Instructors Course.  For the next six years Doug was the Alberta RCMP lead instructor and Motorcycle Program Coordinator, returning to Ontario each year to instruct motor officers from across North America.  After transferring to Edmonton in 2016, Doug joined the TNT team in 2017.

One of the top rides for Doug is the Duffy Lake loop which passes through many cities such as Whistler, Pemberton and Lillooet.

Heather - Instructor


After many years of riding pillion, Heather decided it was time she did the riding. She got her motorcycle license in 2007, and quickly followed it up with the purchase of a Suzuki Burgman Scooter - which has a 650cc engine!!! For Heather, riding a scooter is simply about convenience, fun and a little freedom out on the road.

She enjoys sharing her love of riding with students while gaining experience with the Senior Instructors of TNT.