Traci H - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, Sep 9, 2022
I signed up for this coarse very skeptical. I am 52 and thought these days were for behind me...I was wrong! The instructors were amazing and patient. It was broken down into small manageable parts and rounded out the two days with understanding how, and being able to ride a motorcycle. I can not express emphatically enough how amazing this experience was. Worth every single dollar!!! It is for everyone young and old. Thank you TNT for letting me learn something new and becoming truly excited about it.

Warren F. - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Aug 24, 2022
"TNT is pretty good, I'd say 90% of their students pass first try..." is what my road tester stated right before we did the pretest motorcycle check. I joined the 90% by passing my road test a couple weeks after completing Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE. The instructors are very knowledgeable and friendly. More importantly though they don't tolerate any nonsense. There is no rubber stamp and you can actually fail the course! That said they drill the concepts into us and if feels like perfect practice makes perfect. Loved this course and it has improved my confidence immensely.

Ken Z - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, Aug 12, 2022
I took the “Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE” course at TNT and wow.. what a great experience. I walked in with zero experience on a motorcycle (have not touched one nor sat on one) and I left with so much confidence that I bought a bike a few days after. There are 12 students and 2 instructors with a lot portion (motorcycle basics, low speed maneuvering) and a road portion (riding on the streets and in the neighbourhood). Chris and Joe were amazing instructors that provided tons of feedback and answered all of my questions. After the course, I did my road test two weeks later and passed with flying colours. If you want to learn how to ride, I HIGHLY recommend taking a course here. You will not regret it. Listen to the instructors, ask questions, and be confident!

Carl P - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, Jul 15, 2022
Did the rider elements course with Chris and his group. I absolutely applaud these guys they had a mixed bag of people from people who knew a bit about bikes to people that had never so much as sat on one. These guys transformed 12 people into a tight group of people that were on a level playing field. The course material is excellent and the practical hands on experience is very well put together. My hats off to these guys for being patient and being able to successfully push people past their fears and help them get riding. Thank you again for all your efforts !

Linda J - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022
I attended TNT Rider Tactics 1 on June 10th It has been 40 years since I rode a motorcycle. I needed to brush up my skills for city and highway riding. My instructor Deryl prepared me for my Class 6 road test. He is friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. He pointed out areas that needed improvement and most importantly how to stay safe. I'm 56 years old and wear hearing aids, Chris & Deryl were nice enough to fit me with a helmet that worked with their Bluetooth system. This should tell you everything you need to know about this company! Anyone looking for confidence in riding, TNT will get you there. FYI, I passed my Road Test!

John Duncan - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Wednesday, Jun 8, 2022
I had the pleasure of completing the Rider Tactics with JF prior to booking my road test. I've ridden in the UK for a number of years but did not pursue my class 6 over here until recently. He was a fantastic instructor and helped me get back up to speed with my riding skills and also challenged me with some of my bad habits. Once he had me up to a better standard we had a great ride around the city, he shared his experiences and knowledge of riding in Edmonton and Canada over the intercom and really gave me confidence in how I was riding and monitoring the road circumstances. Great guy, super knowledgeable and exceptionally approachable with my questions. I passed my road test a few days later and his words were constantly running through my head.

Jason K - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Jun 4, 2022
i just finished the course which was very eye opening of what skills I needed to learn. The instructors were great, with excellent attitude and informative. I feel that an improvement is the vests we wear on the road need to be bigger and bolder. During the road ride we almost got into a wreck because a parked car did a quick U-turn with no signal or traffic check. This caused the group to do emergency techniques we learned on the course, brake and swerve to avoid the car. Luckily the pick up truck behind us had gave us good spacing and was also able to stop before running into the back of us. That is my only thought for improvement, thank you for the training, I had a great time

Shawna - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 17, 2022
I attended TNT for the April 28&29 course. I had had some practice on my own bike prior but was having a lot of confidence issues. After day 1, I was still feeling a bit discouraged in my lack of confidence but by end of day 2 that changed completely. This course was amazing and really honed in on the little bit I was already learning. I took my road test on May 16 and passed and remembered a few things the tnt instructors suggested as far as asking the examiner some questions before my test. This was an extremely valuable course and for anyone not wanting to spend the money - I encourage you to do it. It was the best investment I could have made to start my new riding hobby.

Darren S - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 3, 2022
Just like to say that the Rider Elements course was very well run and taught this new rider the esential basics and gave confidence that I believe every rider should have. It was fun, informative, well run and organized. All of the instructors took a hands on approach and were always ready to answer any questions and took time to insure that the participants understood the theory or the riding drills. After completing my rider elements course, I took my Class 6 drivers test and passed with flying colours! I truly believe that this was a combination of seat time with a licensed class 6 rider and the TNT rider elements course. Thank you very much to all the instructors and I will be recommending TNT!

Gordon L - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Aug 29, 2021
Absolutely one of the best things I have ever done was taking this course.Taught me so much!! Chris, Ernie and Taylor are the best. Will definitely be recommending TNT to people i know. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Jeff B - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jul 12, 2021
Had a great experience with TNT! Learned all of the essentials for safe riding. Had excellent instructors that were very patient and helpful. I will be bringing my daughter to TNT for lessons when she wants to ride, and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn how to safely ride. Thanks again Chris, JF and Katrina!

An (Julie) - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Jul 1, 2021
This course is a must! I had so much fun, gained riding confidence, learned a lot of riding skills and had new friends after this course. I probably had a total of 4 times riding experience between 2005 and 2013 in an automatic bike in the Philippines. It was really a struggle for me on Day1, I'll tell you why. I weigh 96 lbs., 5 foot and a half (but my husband thinks I'm 4'11 which is not true haha), with small arms, small hands, short legs, small feet and has zero riding experience in a clutch bike. But, before we hit the road for our road test on Day 2, I was pretty confident I can make it. Thanks to Larry and Gord, I should say, I do really like these two Instructors. They been super helpful, calm, friendly and funny the whole time. I am always laughing here and there despite the struggles lol. It was really fun. In the middle of the course on Day 2, I gave it a thought, that even if I wouldn't be able to pass the course, I would still recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to ride. There's just so many skills they're teaching to help the rider experience the best ride smoothly and safely, plus the fun experience. I was actually surprised with how much progress there was between Day 1 and 2. On Day 3 (which is a stay at home Day), I woke up with sore hands, arms, upper chest and thighs ( I've been tiptoeing the whole time on the bike, I know! ) But all worth it. I have been relating my Day 1, Day 2 stories to my husband for a week because I just can't move on with the excitement lol. Thank you TNT and a big thanks to Larry, Gord and Taylor! You guys are the best.

James - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jun 14, 2021
This was an absolutely great course with three great instructors. This is a must take course for anybody that is thinking about getting there license and riding a bike. This course starts you out with the basics from learning the must know things about a bike to the must know things about riding a bike. This course teaches you balance to riding on the road. The three instructors were amazing and great teachers.

Anna - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Jun 12, 2021
I took this course on the 7th and 8th, and the experience was much better than I had thought it was going to be. I worked mainly with Chris, but also Taylor, Katrina, and Eric. Every instructor was absolutely amazing, super nice, very thorough, and very knowledgeable. Chris does an absolutely amazing job at assessing exactly what you are doing wrong, and how to fix it. I feel very comfortable on a bike now and am very grateful that I chose this school!

Kenneth M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, May 3, 2021
I hadn't been on a motorcycle in 25+ years. I essentially needed to learn as I have never ridden before. This was the right course and the right company to choose. There were people in my class that had never ridden before in their lives and by the end of the course were skilled, competent, and confident enough to pursue their "riding career". I struggled with one particular aspect of the slow-speed skills. But Steve and Chris worked with me and got me out of my own head, and I passed the course no problems. Don't think you will walk away from this course a pro. Even instructors admit they are always learning something. But this course is what I believe every new and seasoned rider needs as a foundation for a safe driving experience. Thank you, TNT.

Aiden Schultz - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, Apr 27, 2021
I took the Rider Tactics course to freshen up my skills and relearn some habits needed to pass my road test, and I have nothing but good things to say. I've had some experience on dirt bikes as a kid, and I've owned a 50cc scooter for about a year now and Deryl never had me bored, or in too deep for my skill level. He kept things interesting and was super encouraging and supportive the whole ride. Would absolutely recommend TNT to others based on my experience.

Marc R. - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021
If you are reading this, then you might be too late to book a course schedule! It gets filled up real fast! But let's get to the meat and potatoes about my experience at TNT Motorcycling. First off, before showing up to the course I have never ridden a motorcycle (sitting on one does not count). The skill-building from Day 1 going into Day 2 to me was well designed. You progressively move up with confidence from one skill to the next. If you do lag in a particular skill, the instructors identify this right away and set you aside to address the problem using different teaching and learning methods (Seriously, they want you to grasp it and pass the course). For my instance, I was stuck on the idea that sequential shifting meant only going up, but not used when slowing down to a stop so I would always block shift and coast to a stop. The instructor saw that I was covering/pulling my clutch lever the entire time I was slowing down and asked me to fully engage the clutch to slow the bike down then do the other sequence of actions for a full stop. I had a light bulb moment when I realized what I was being asked was to engine brake. *DOH*. Putting it all together - you head out to the road portion in Day 2. To me, this was the most fun of the course seeing all the hard work done on the lot translating into a safe fun road experience. One thing to note for the road portion of the course is if you do not feel comfortable or if the instructors feel that you are not ready for that part, do not feel bad about not partaking. The instructors will not put you in a situation where your safety is compromised. Definitely would recommend the Riders Elements - Learn to RIDE course to anyone even thinking of riding a motorcycle. The fee associated with the course is so well worth it. What you take away from the course pays in dividends when you are on the road. Shout out to Eric and Chris for helping me sort out the concepts I got stuck on with different learning methods, and to Ernie for being the angelic voice in my head during the road portion. It was an awesome experience. Shout out to our class. See y'all at the donut shop! Looking forward to taking additional courses in the future when schedules align!

Mike Z - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Apr 19, 2021
Chris and Eric are very knowledgeable and easy to talk to when you have questions. They made the course fun and I learned at my own speed. Both Eric and Chris have a ton of patience and made everyone feel involved. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to ride even if you have some experience. It was worth every penny!

David Woolliscroft - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020
Thank you so much to Chris for the excellent training I had last evening. I am not new to bikes but after many years I needed it. I am getting a spyder and that is new to me. The course greatly increased my confidence and enjoyment of my spyder. The course was only 2 students which allowed virtual one on one instruction. He used an intercom system which meant his instructions were as clear as a bell. We did plenty of ‘car park’ training and then spent another hour touring Edmonton. It was just what I needed. Again thanks and I definitely recommend Chris and TNT

Cassandra Longacre - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020
I love this place! I have taken the Rider Elements and now I have completed the Rider Tactics 1 which was so worth taking! The staff are so knowledgeable patient and want you to share their passion for biking with them safely and they really impart that on you during the teaching! I have told anyone I've talked to this place is worth the investment to your riding safety! Thank you guys for all you have done! So great!

Sarah - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020
TNT is amazing. I did their Learn to Ride course at the beginning of July (this testimonial is long overdue) and I am very glad I went with TNT. As many of the testimonials will attest to, Chris and Ernie are very personable and patient. As a teacher I really appreciated the way they scaffold the course. They start at the very beginning, adding new skills at just the right pace, so you are neither bored nor too far outside your current abilities and comfort level. Following the training I bought a bike and was able to use the drills from the course to continue to practice and get a feel for my new bike. I strongly recommend TNT Motorcycling to anyone looking for motorcycle training. Thank you Chris, Ernie, and the rest of the TNT team for everything!

Jason - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2020
Amazing two days of training. Gord and J-F were great. Learnt a lot more than expected as both were very flexible in helping all of us with a lot of 1on1 discussion as well as group discussions throughout the two days. Chris was awesome with the on road portion capping off the course. I would recommend rider elements to anyone including those who have experience riding. You'll be surprised what you'll learn. Thanks again to TNT.

C Wong - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Monday, Jul 6, 2020
Deryl is a great instructor. I took the course to improve my road riding skills and I picked up a lot of pointers. Will be checking next year for more training courses. Thank you.

Nem - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020
I thought I already knew everything in motorcycle driving not until I got my Rider Tactics !-Upgrade your Skills brief training/course with Deryl. Masterful instructions and keen observation of what i needed improved and corrected are all laid down to me right before my eyes by this great man. With Deryl as your Instructor, man you cant go wrong.! Thanks TNT and Thanks Deryl, More power to you guys!!! i will definitely refer you to my friends. Nem

Rochelle - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Jun 18, 2020
I had been thrown from my horse!!! Needless to say I had little or no experience and what little I had left me completely unprepared for the power of my bike. It had always been my dream to ride my own Harley so I when Julianna called & told me they were going to add additional dates I was thrilled. I woke up Monday morning and watched the website like a hawk to secure a date. The prep material was very thorough but the day came and I was very nervous. I showed up and met Gord & Chris....they instantly put my mind at ease. I learned so much the first evening and was pleased that only one activity frustrated me a little. The next day was a long day, Both Gord & Chris we’re extremely patient & worked with me until I got it. I had such an amazing experience at the TNT learn to ride. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to ride. Like the instructors the other students were awesome too, very supportive & encouraging. Thank you TNT!!!

Scott - Rider Tactics 2

Thursday, Jun 18, 2020
I took Rider Tactics 1 five years ago and had so much fun, I enrolled with a friend in Rider Tactics 2 last week. It was such a great course to brush up on skills; Deryl is a fantastic instructor. He pushed us just enough to keep us challenged but maintained a safe learning environment the entire time. The equipment is great and the location is easy to get to. I will be back to take another course in the future.

Melane - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020
I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Rider Elements - Learn to Ride course, instructed by Chris and Gord. What an amazing experience!!! I loved everything about it - from the professional way that phone calls and emails were responded to by Julianna, to the lot instruction and road testing by Gord and Chris respectively. This motorcycle instruction program runs like a well oiled machine - top notch and well worth your time and money. I highly recommend checking them out if you want to become a more competent rider. Many thanks to Chris and Gord for sharing their knowledge and love of motorcycling : )

Catherine - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jun 9, 2020
When I first signed up for the course I wasn't sure if I was even going to like riding. I enjoy being a passenger but me controlling a motorcycle...never in a million years thought I would be able to. Fast forward to June 6th it had just stopped raining and we arrived at the West Edmonton Assembly and I seen the bikes already to go and my nerves almost got the better of me. My instructors were Chris and Gord and my first impression of them was they seemed like nice guys who knew there stuff. My first day didnt got super well but they both reassured me that i was doing okay and that I would get better as the course progressed. I went home a little defeated as I struggled a little but I eager to start day 2. Day 2 was interesting. They didn't lie when they said they run Rain or shine and by halfway through Sunday I was soaked, cold and miserable but I was having the time of my life. Being told that I was doing fine by both Gord and Chris helped boost my confidence and by lunch I felt like I could actually pass the course. I think they both knew I was a little nervous though and put me in the first group to do the road portion and I thank them for that as my nerves would have gotten the best of me if I had to sit and wait. At the end of the day I passed the course and I couldn't be happier. I want to give a huge thank you to Chris and Gord for being amazing instructors and for TNT for being awesome as well. You guys helped me realize my love for riding a motorcycle and I hope to get my own real soon (after I practice a bit more of course)

Bernard D - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jun 8, 2020
I can only say good things - I have just finished and passed my Rider Elements program hours ago (in rain for close to 15 hours both days combined) and I had to give praise and credit for Chris and Gord, both friendly, humorous and down to earth instructors. Chris owns the school and he clearly has too many years of motorcycle rider knowledge and for tremendous reasons. I woke up recently one morning and thought of purchasing a bike. I've even told myself I wouldn't get one because of how dangerous it is. Chris and Gord recognize the dangers and stress that safety is a priority, like with any sport you pick up. The point is, I have zero experience on a motorcycle and a huge gap in my manual transmission experience since (18 years ago). They taught me how to ride a motorcycle like your mom or dad would teach you how to ride a bicycle in no time at all. I felt comfortable and that is because of my trust in these men. Every advice and ask from them I had followed through and they gave me confidence every time because they would acknowledge that I've followed their advice and provided me with additional tips to continue. Every hour of this course that goes by is a different activity and something learnt. I've grown my skills from each activity presented and they all add up at the end. Everything you learn in the lot is transferred on the road. 90% of the time you're on your bike learning, the 10% is theory and discussion. Furthermore, Gord is a remarkable instructor too. He saw the nervousness I had and he acknowledged that and he gave me reassurance every time. He allowed me additional practices to perfect any activity and to get ready for my road test with Chris and the Lot test at the end. Thank you Gord for what you do and I admire your ability to instruct. Thank you Chris for serving the motorcycle community in Edmonton and every where else. I'm sure you know you make an impact and share the good in motorcycling. I hope to participate in the Rider Tactics soon, to learn more from you.

R Maxwell - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Friday, May 29, 2020
I found this course to be well worth the time and money. I now feel more confident driving my Ryker and have a much better understanding the capabilities of this fun vehicle. It was a good mix of closed course and on road driving.

Friend G. - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, May 25, 2020
clutch in, clutch out...... shift up, shift down. These are the types of things that we can remember with not much issue. Chris and J.F were there to teach me (us) about everything in-between that matter the most. Being familiar with the sounds and feels that the bike gives us is just as, in not more important than being able to remember the basics that will get you out of 1st gear and into second. Being able to out everything together Into one fluid motion is the overall key to being able to ride a motorcycle. Can't thank you guys enough for the 15 hours you've spent with us. Steve, thanks for the road ride and the criticisms made. Definitely a course everyone should take. I'll see yas next spring to shake the dust off !!

Scott P - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 21, 2020
Had Chris B. and Ernie as my instructors for the Learn to Ride course, it was an amazing experience. The two were extremely helpful and patient, explained things thoroughly and if I didn’t understand or had additional questions they did not hesitate to help. Everything I could think of was covered to help me be more confident in my riding and myself to pass my class 6 road test. Would recommend 10/10!

Ashley - Rider Elements Completion

Thursday, Sep 12, 2019
Here's the deal.. I took Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE with no experience on a bike, other than being a passenger. The instructors, Ernie and Flavio (I know I'm butchering the spelling of his name) were awesome! Super encouraging, knowledgable and great to spend 2 days with. Despite all their effort and patience with me, I really struggled with almost every goal in the course BUT I somehow left still feeling super accomplished and happy with the time and money spent. I also took this course with a friend of mine who has taken a beginners riding course with a different company and she said TNT far exceeded her previous experience in EVERY way. I went back for Rider Elements Completion (which is incredibly affordable, by the way) and I was amazed with the results. My instructor was Steve and he completely turned my riding around! We started right from scratch and the one on one instruction, plus his open mind and badass personality really made the difference for me! I passed the lot test portion and was shifting comfortably by the end of our 2 hours together. We both agreed that I definitely needed to come back for more instruction but honestly, it didn't feel like a failure at all. He just made me super jazzed about my future on a bike. I just finished AND PASSED my 2nd course completion with Steve and we had a hell of a time. I 100% recommend this course and if you fail miserably the first time around, hang in there! I wish anyone reading this could have the ability to see me that first day on the bike.. and then to see me on the bike, now. These people know what they're doing!

Jackie J - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Tuesday, Sep 3, 2019
I took my course on August 25/19 with Flaviu as my instructor. I had a great time he was very friendly and immediately put me at ease. He was very knowledgeable and very patient with me. I would definitely recommend Flaviu and this course to anyone that is interested in a spyder. Thank you Flaviu.

Tammy M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Aug 19, 2019
I was very anxious upon registering for this course. I wanted to learn to ride but was unsure of myself and ability. Chris, Gord and the two girls were absolutely phenomenal. They were constantly encouraging me and had the faith in me that I was missing. I appreciate the patience and encouragement. After taking this course, I feel ready to purchase a bike and practice for my road test. Thanks so much.

Chris - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Aug 11, 2019
I am not normally one to write testimonials but after completing such a well ran course I felt I would be doing a disservice to the instructors if I didn't. Honestly one of the best investments you could make into yourself. The instruction received throughout and the amount of reps we got in on each drill was phenomenal. Some people needed more help then others on some drills and they took their time with those people without letting the rest of the class lose on any constructive criticism. No egos just some great dudes teaching VERY valuable skills. Highly recommend. Thank you TNT!

Chris W - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Aug 3, 2019
I took the Rider Elements course with Chris and Flaviu with no experience on a motorcycle. I've ridden bicycles for years but never anything powered. After a shaky start, the tips and observations by both Chris and Flaviu were invaluable to improving my confidence on the bikes. After passing the course, I followed that up with the Rider Tactics 1 session with Deryl a week later. Another fantastic session which taught me a lot. After both courses, I knew all I needed was practice. A very valuable investment!

Rhonda L - Rider Elements Completion

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2019
I took the Rider Elements Completion 2 hour 1:1 (one to one) session with Flaviu on July 15, 2019. I would recommend any new rider to takes this additional course. The constant 1:1 communication and feedback from the instructor is a huge asset. Not only do you go over all the course work, handling and riding concepts but you also get a 1:1 road ride, through multiple settings and longer duration based on your abilities up to 90 minutes. Flaviu was patient, knowledgeable and continually asked how I was feeling, doing and answered all my questions. If you have taken the Learn to Ride course, consider taking the additional course, it truly boosts your confidence and FUN factor. Thanks for a great experience.

Khaled M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jul 8, 2019
Hats off to the TNT group. I went to the St Albert location after a long day of work. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect but it was such a blast. Everyone was friendly and did their best to show us what we should focus on. We also learned from their riding experiences. Thanks to Chris and all the crew. Regards Khaled

Frank & Stephanie - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Wednesday, Jul 3, 2019
My wife and I took the Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics Course with Chris and it was AMAZING! Chris is an awesome instructor who not only taught us so much, but made the entire experience so much fun! If you don't go into this course wanting a Spyder or Ryker of your own - you will after riding one! What a blast!!

Kent M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jul 2, 2019
I took the rider elements course over the 27th and 28th of June. I really have nothing but great things to say about my experience. The hands on learning aspect and steady drills, rain or shine (thankfully it was mostly shine) were great for building confidence on the bike. Most of my time in the course was spent working with Flaviu, and I can't thank him enough for making the course fun and passing on lots of quality knowledge down to us all. He was super patient, and always calm and kind and that makes the entire experience even better! The road ride was great. I'm sorry but I cannot remember the name of the road instructor on the 28th, I'm horrible with names, but that being said they too were very kind and patient. TNT Response - Ernie was the Road Instructor :) The entire two days were great, and not once did I ever feel like I was pushed into anything uncomfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend taking this course to anyone who wants to get a solid start on riding motorcycles. I will also for certain be back to take further offered courses in the near future. Thanks for a great time and a great experience

Hassan M - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Saturday, Jun 29, 2019
Ours was an exhilarating experience. Had never been on a bike before. Chris and Ernie were awesome in explaining the parts of the bikes and instruction to ride. We really enjoyed our road trip. We switched between the Spyder and Ryker and got a really good feel of each machine. I highly recommend not just this course, but TNT for any riding lessons.

Philip Mike-Ifeta - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, Jun 28, 2019
I did my Rider Elements course with TNT and I liked that the instructors are patient and genuinely seek to impact the skills for you to be safe on the road... I struggled with getting the basics right, and took the Course Completion and at no time did I feel the pressure of any of the instructor's becoming impatient with me or just passing me without having the required skills. It took me extra work, time and money; however, I learned the basic skills required to control the motorcycle and keep myself safe.. I recommend TNT for everyone who wishes to learn how to ride safe.

Marcel B - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Jun 23, 2019
Last weekend I took the Rider Elements course with no driving experience at all and left with a very high level of confidence. The instructors kept things positive and that helped many people including me. The best part was when we went on our little 1/2 hour ride. That’s when I knew that they did their job. I highly recommend this training to anyone.

Josh - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Jun 20, 2019
Had a great weekend, even with a bit of rain it was fun. The instruction was great and I passed my class 6 advanced road test with 0 points off. Great experience.

Carly - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019
I just completed my Learn to Ride course under the instruction of Flaviu! I came into this course without any riding experience what so ever and was SO nervous to attend. The minute I stepped onto the lot, Flaviu was inviting and made me feel so comfortable. He answered every single question and didn’t leave anyone feeling lost or left behind. He gave excellent feedback and coached everyone individually where he felt they needed it most. Ernie came along to help him at the end of the course for the lot test and Ernie was just as great as Flav! I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to learn and I look forward to attending more courses in the future!

Greg E. - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Thursday, Jun 6, 2019
First time driver in learning how to drive the can am spyder.It was a fantastic course to learn and Chris was an excellent teacher in showing how to operate the bikes and how to ride them properly and in a very safe Manner ,I highly recommend this course to anyone, wanting to learn how to ride a bike . Again excellent course and fantastic teacher,thanks again Chris

Kevin C. - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Monday, Jun 3, 2019
Spyder/Ryker tactics- I took the course on Tuesday May 20/2019. Deryl was very professional and courteous. He got me up to speed quickly even though I have never ridden a motorcycle\trike. We started with the basics in the parking lot and in a very short time we were cruising' the streets of St Albert and then onto some 80 km routes. He helped me build my confidence up and that made the course even better. I'm so looking forward to getting my class 6 license and buying a Ryker. I would and will recommend Deryl as an instructor to others.

Gerard L - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 28, 2019
I have already taught myself how to ride and have been riding with supervision from friends for about a month before taking the Rider Elements course. I still learned so much and gained so much more confidence with my riding from this course. Specially on controlling my bike in slow speeds which I could not have learned myself. I enjoyed the road ride portion of this course as it taught me defensive riding approach to what things to look out for when out on the road with traffic and pedestrians. I highly highly recommend this for anyone who is new or experienced rider. Chris and Flaviu were such amazing instructors. Thank you for being so patient and encouraging. I'm looking forward to taking advanced lessons from you guys in the future!

Mel S. - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Saturday, May 25, 2019
Spyder/Ryker tactics- Took the course on Tuesday May 21/19. It is Friday and I'm still smiling. Chris and Larry were such professionals. Got us up to speed. In a short time we were cruising'. Knowledgeable plus. Both guys are quite passionate about bikes and trikes. So looking forward to getting our license. Class act all the way. Have recommended them to others. Mel

Sandra H - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Friday, May 24, 2019
I took my Ryker Tactics course with Chris last night.I learned so much from him and so very glad that I took the course.I feel more confident on my Ryker now Thank you TNT

Jay D - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Took the course May 18-19 Absolutely highly recommend it. Ernie and Chris were our primary instructors with help from Taylor in the lot and Larry on the road.I can’t say enough good things about these people. Take the course you won’t regret it. Took the Road test Tuesday and got it. Learned a lot!

Jim D - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, May 19, 2019
Old dog learning new tricks! I am an older, self taught rider returning after a long break from riding. Even though I have my class 6 I decided to go back to the basics and take the Rider Elements beginner course. It proved to be an excellent investment of time and money. Not a single wasted moment! The instruction, facility and equipment provided are top notch. Bikes have changed for the better and the riding environment has changed for the worse. I feel much more prepared to face the modern riding environment. Thanks to all the instructors. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back for some advanced training. See you on the road, Jim

Gerald G. - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 16, 2019
Thursday May 16, 2019 I just recently completed the Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE course the weekend of May 10/11, 2019. As a retired police officer of 27 years, I have taken numerous courses throughout my career. I found the TNT instructors were not only knowledgeable and professional but are also passionate about motorcycles and creating safe riding habits. After meeting the course standards, I took advantage of the free practice during the lunch hour on Sunday and then successfully obtained my class 6 on my first attempt road test on Tuesday. Another TNT student was taking his road test just before me and he also passed as well. Thank you Chris and to your staff! I know I am a better more confident rider as a result of your course instruction and practice.

Jim D - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Noted that you have used my testimonial complete with some typo's. Here is the corrected version. Old dog learning new tricks! I am an older, self taught rider returning after a long break from riding. Even though I have my class 6 I decided to go back to the basics and take the Rider Elements beginner course. It proved to be an excellent investment of time and money. Not a single wasted moment! The instruction, facility and equipment provided are top notch. Bikes have changed for the better and the riding environment has changed for the worse. I feel much more prepared to face the modern riding environment. Thanks to all the instructors. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back for some advanced training. See you on the road, Jim

Edmond T - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
I Had 0 experience when I came here and they worked with me to get me riding even when I was struggling with some of the course they kept helping me and I was able to pass the course when I thought I was going to fail. It’s thanks to the kind and knowledgeable instructors they had. I can not thank them enough for the experience I had while I was there It was a fun two day course and the road ride was Awsome I am glad I picked tnt and would recommend it to anyone

Misty - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, May 13, 2019
The staff at TNT are amazing!! They are extremely knowledgeable and offer very clear and easy to follow instruction. I would highly recommend TNT to anyone, new or experienced riders as they offer a range of courses for all skill levels, you will not be disappointment. Special thanks to Clayton, Joe and Steve!

Rowan J - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, May 13, 2019
I had never been on a motorcycle before and a friend and I signed up. You know two old dogs ( 47 years old ) giving each other support. He bailed and I went ahead thinking what am I doing here. Within half hour of the rider elements course I was at ease and found the course to be fantastic. The staff were amazing giving constant feedback and pointers. They let us learn based on skill coming in and provided a very enjoyable environment to develop. This was a great experience, one I will continue to tell others about and send to TNT. Thanks to the staff for making this possible.

Jim D - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, May 5, 2019
Old dog learning new tricks! I am an older, self taught rider retuning after a long break from riding. Even though I have my class 6 I decided to go back to basics and take the Rider Elements beginner course. It proved to be an excellent investment of time and money. Not a single wasted moment! The instruction, facility and equipment provided are top notch. Bikes have changed for the better and the riding environment has changed for the worse. I feel much more prepared to face the modern riding environment. Thanks to all the instructors. Keep up the good work. I’ii be back for some advanced training. See you on the road Jim

Paul P - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, May 4, 2019
Instructors are great. Very professional and informative. I learned so much and feel much more confident. I would recommend anyone looking for training, this is the place to go. You will not be disappointed. Thank you to all TNT staff.

Pearl L - Miette Hot Springs Run - Elevate Your Road Skills

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2019
I have completed two courses with TNT Motorcycling Rider Training. On both occasions, the training staff were very knowledgeable and delivered key techniques. Taking the “TNT Miette Hot Springs - Elevate your Road Skills” course has completely changed my riding experience. I went from having very little cornering confidence, to keeping up with the “big boys”. The strategies taught by Chris were very effective in taking my riding to the next level. I would highly recommend this course and the TNT Team to anyone wishing to improve their riding skills. Taking the “TNT Miette Hot Springs - Elevate your Road Skills” course is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Brian & Judy - Can-Am Spyder/Ryker Tactics

Thursday, Sep 20, 2018
We are both beginners to motorcycles but took the new Spyder MC course. Terrible weather but great instructors, Chris and Deryl. We really enjoyed the course and passed the road test. Look forward to getting a Spyder MC next year.

Lesley G - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Aug 26, 2018
What an absolutely amazing course! Instructors Doug, Heather and Joe were FANTABULOUS! Thank you again so much for your free time to teach us how to ride safely! Shoulder check - yep, always do even in my car! Clearly riding out on the street with Doug was the icing on the cake for me - and I could have stayed out there all afternoon! To get a compliment from DOUG, that I demonstrated Advanced Rider skills when on the road, really made my day! Can't rave enough about you guy's and your expertise and knowledge - and infinite patience with us all! I am revved to get my Class 6 road test complete so I can get my license and RIDE! I picked the CBR 125 Repsol bike - loved it, as I love the street rockets and a huge fan of MotoGP for a long time. This course taught me all the skills I need to have to be a safe rider - thanks to TNT Motorcycle Rider Training.

Rami - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Aug 25, 2018
I took the rider element beginner course. Joe, Clayton and Chris B are great instructors. They teach you all the techniques and all you need is practice. No shortage of drill procedures and patience. I highly recommend TNT for anyone that want to have the confidence to be on the bike. I'very pass the road test 1st time

Sarah E - Rider Elements Completion

Monday, Aug 20, 2018
I just want to say I had a great experience doing this motorcycle course. I learned lots of knowledge now I feel better equipped to continue and practice the skills I learned. I recommend it to anyone learning how to ride a motorcycle. Thanks Darcy you're a good instructor Sarah

Randy P - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Aug 1, 2018
I have nothing but praise for the instructors and staff at TNT. As a new rider I took both beginner Rider Elements and RIder Tactics courses prior to gaining my Class 6 license. Instructors Larry, Steve and Deryl do a great job of making you feel at ease while teaching you how to ride skillfully and safely. I highly recommend TNT to anyone wanting to improve their rider skills. I will be back for more advance training once I get more 'windshield time' behind me.

Tonia - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Jul 29, 2018
I just love this place...i took the TNT Riders Beginners course....the moment i arrived there i thought i would not be able to ride....let alone fit any of their bikes...i am about 4/11 and pretty tiny for my size....I spoke to Chris and by my surprise i was not alone....he had some bikes i could try out and behold he had a bike that i could use...The Grom...The instructors were amazing! From learning about the bikes to road safety...they explained everything so well...for the first time ever i was able to ride a motorcycle bike!!! i can't believe i did it! :) After learning and observing all the Techniques they taught, i was confident by the end of the course to ride....it is a great feeling....Thanks to everyone at TNT you guys are the best....ohh i forgot to mention love the fact that we get to practice and come back on the weekends for about an hour and test out our skills...i will be coming back to practice....going for my class 6 soon! I am so excited!!!! Thanks again everyone... :)

tom stumpf - Total Control - Give Your Riding a BOOST

Monday, Jul 23, 2018
Took the total control level 1 the day before my first track day, that course saved me!. You learn so much in one day! Instructor Flaviu is amazing, makes it seem effortless, never thought I could hang off the bike that fast . 12 of 10 will take class again!

Katie O'Brien - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jul 23, 2018
I completed the Rider-Elements Beginner course on June 22, 2018. I had about 1000Km's of riding under my belt (mainly off-road) and came to TNT to learn the basics of on-road riding and give me the confidence I needed to complete the class 6 road test. Roxi did am amazing job as the instructor - I am so fortunate to have had her. TNT made everything so easy right up to the testing stage. Everyone is friendly! Thank-you TNT! I passed the class 6 road test with flying colours on my first try!

Mayflor Cortado - Rider Elements Completion

Friday, Jul 20, 2018
I am glad I went for this course. It helped me gain more confidence and focus on things I struggled with. My instructor was Darcy, he is patient and friendly. He answered all my questions about safe riding and explained things to be aware of extremely well before we hit the road. He provided me with feedback that I need to be a better rider. I would definitely recommend TNT to anyone considering a motorcycle safety course. Thank you, Darcy!

Jo-Anne Syskakis - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jul 18, 2018
I have never rode a motorcycle in my life so I had a lot to learn. Chris, JF and Steve were so patient with me and gave me the sense that I could do it and it a safe manner. Would recommend TNT to anyone!

Steven Klein - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jul 16, 2018
TNT has outstanding instructors! They can take even the most green nervous rider and turn them into confident competent riders in no time. Thank you so much TNT

Louis - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Sunday, Jul 15, 2018
I hadn't ridden a motorbike in 18 years (and that was back in the UK) and took the Rider Tactics course with TNT; suffice to say, my Instructor Deryl not only set me up for success with my Class 6 road test, he fueled the passion that I have for riding! I will never forget the 2 hours Deryl spent with me getting me prepared, I had an AWESOME time!! My Wife is also looking at getting her Class 6 and I will have no hesitation booking her motorcycle training with TNT. Cheers Deryl

Michelle - Rider Elements Completion

Thursday, Jul 12, 2018
Excellent course to take to focus on areas that need improvement that builds you up for success. I had no previous experience before taking the Rider Elements Course and struggled on a few things through the course. Darcy was my instructor for this completion course and I had a great experience with him. He was friendly, patient, and explained things extremely well. You could tell that he is passionate about teaching. This course helped correct my problem areas, provided me with the knowledge I need to be a better rider and increased my confidence in riding. I couldn't ask for a better instructor. Thanks again, Darcy.

Russel - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jul 3, 2018
Rider Element Beginners is awesome courser for new or experience already. I used to ride scooter and learned how to use motorcycle with gears in this course. Instructors are amazing and willing to share all they know that makes its easy to learn and follow. I have few difficulties however both of the instructor worked on my challenges and at the end of the course i passed all lot test with no mistake. The road ride is a challenge however chris is there to help and keep everyone safe. A week after the course i took my road test and now i am happy crusing on my own bike alone... Looking forward for advance or next level of skills enhancement or course.

Andrea - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Jun 28, 2018
This course packs a lot of learning and skills development into a quick day and a half. Having almost no experience prior to this I was able to develop the skills and confidence to pass the course and the Class 6 exam. The instructors were great and took the time to spend with students who needed extra guidance or who were getting frustrated when struggling with a specific skill. Having the time to practice freely before the Lot Test was invaluable and allowed me to really focus on the things that needed work before testing. The road ride was a great transition from lot to real life. With a quick pep talk from Chris before my exam the next morning I was able to pass the Class 6 on the first try!

Jeffrey Mohr - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
This training course was absolutely exceptional. The Instruction from Joe and Ernie on the lot brought me from greenhorn to comfortable in one weekend. The techniques taught increased my awareness, control, safety, and confidence on a motorcycle by a whole lot. The road ride with Darryl was very informative. He is a seasoned rider with a lot of great advice to offer and conducted himself very calmly despite having three new guys out on the road with him. This section did the most for me personally as we could put the lot skills into practice in a real world environment. The course gave me the knowledge and skill to successfully pass my class 6 license test without issue, and I can't recommend these guys enough. Thanks to Chris, Darryl, Joe, Ernie, and the rest of the TNT staff.

Greg - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
What a fantastic experience! I had never ridden a motorcycle until yesterday. I just completed the beginner course today and passed with confidence and comfort. I chose this school based on the online reviews. I was not disappointed. The instructors were patient and knowledgeable. They really made this an enjoyable experience. The skills that we learned in the lot were immediately put into real road situations on the road test. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning to ride or those who are looking to improve their skill set. Thank you to Chris, Larry and Merrill!

Russ - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
Just took beginner training last week instructors are very knowledgeable in all aspects of motorcycling.. after the course I found myself getting frustrated and left abruptly. They called me back and we’re willing to work with me on my own bike so I could complete the course.. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking into getting a bike as they did teach me stuff that is extremely helpful. And we’re willing to work with me dispite having a poor attitude. Thanks guys I wish you much success in all your future endeavours. Thank you Chris and the rest of the staff.

Robert Nooy - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
Passed my class 6 exam today on my own bike! Big thanks to TNT for the rider elements course. The course was an excellent chance to practice the skills needed to pass the exam and to be a safe rider. Would highly recommend TNT to anyone considering a motorcycle safety course.

Dean Currie - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
Hello, I booked into the Rider Elements - Beginner course with very little bike knowledge and even less riding experience. The online information package I received once I had registered was very helpful. The instructors were very informative and comforting for the less experienced riders in the group. I liked how fast we got on to the bikes and just started to learn how to ride and build confidence. The course was well structured and kept things moving. Once completed I booked my road test 2 weeks later and asked to use the TNT bike over the lunch hour while another group of beginners were taking a break. With a quick yes! I was able to warm up before the exam and ask the on site instructors any final questions i had. I took the road test and got 100% which felt awesome because of the limited knowledge I had just 2 weeks earlier. Thank you to all the TNT Staff and I highly recommend booking any courses you need with TNT Motorcycling Rider Training. See you on the road.

Brian Ball - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Jun 17, 2018
Hello, I attended this past weekends beginning motorcycling course with a friend and my daughter. We all started with different experience levels and all three of us agree 1. How much fun we had, and 2. How skilled and knowledgeable all of the instructors were/are. We truly had a great time and it all started in the first few moments with introductions.You guys did such a nice job of making us feel at home and setting the tone for a relaxed learning atmosphere. Thanks to team of Steve, Heather, Doug and Katrina, and feel free to post my testimonial if you like. My daughter and I will be there on Monday to do our road tests. :-) Using your bikes after all.

Carissa - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, Jun 15, 2018
This is truly an amazing and fun course to be a part of! Although I had wanted to ride a motorcycle for quite some time, I was nervous to get started. I wanted to learn the safe handling techniques of a bike with proper maneuvers - this course definitely exceeded my expectations and didn't disappoint. The instructors were very patient, calm and constructive which not only gave me the knowledge and confidence to ride but also made learning an enjoyable experience! Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start riding. Huge shout out to the instructors - Thank you!

Miguel - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Saturday, Jun 2, 2018
Been riding for 36 years but almost exclusively on gravel roads and trails with limited traffic experience. Deryl was a fantastic mentor and gave me the skills to survive the city and highway with grace. He was patient in answering all my questions and we had a lot of laughs to boot. This course was more than worth the cost - it's a life saver.

Roy - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Jun 2, 2018
Although I had ridden motorcycles for years in Europe I still learnt a lot from this course. A great,friendly atmosphere to learn in. I was really impressed by the way the instructiors took people who had never ridden a motorcycle before and gave them the skills to ride safely over the period of the course. I highly recommend this course for anyone thinking of taking up motorcycling.

Karen - Rider Elements Completion

Tuesday, May 29, 2018
This course was absolutely the best thing I could have done. The one on one (two in my case Darrel and Darcy), was the extra I needed to develop and build the confidence to hit the road safely. Both of these gentlemen offered loads of information and technique for my skill set to improve upon. Thanks to theses guys I have had my bike out numerous times, feels good to venture past the lane behind the house! Look forward to taking the tactical course.

Rob M. - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
The Rider Elements - Beginner course was fantastic! I had no previous riding experience and left (after passing of course) feeling like a motorcycle veteran. I gained confidence and feel safe on a motorcycle with the skills learned. The instructors were all so patient and knowledgeable and really showed interest that we all got the most out of the course. I have since taken and passed my road test and can't wait to purchase a bike of my own to bring by and show them. I'm really going to enjoy riding the roads. Thank you very much Larry, Steve and Deryl

Cindy Groshko - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Sunday, May 20, 2018
3 Wheel Spyder Can Am Course, great instructor, awesome one on one instruction on basic road safety. Very happy with TNT and would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn the basics on 2 or 3 wheels.

Nicole Christensen - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
A MUST for anyone learning to ride a motorcycle. I had been on the back of the bike for years, but decided to get my own bike. My confidence level on my bike since the course has significantly improved. I am confident in the skills I learned over the course of 2 days and can't wait for all of the adventures I will now have because of it. I recommend this course for everyone. It is DEFINITELY worth the money. Thank you to Larry and Chris who made the experience a breeze for even the most difficult to teach! Sending you nothing but positive vibes! Thank you, thank you!!

Russ - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, May 14, 2018
I took the beginner course on May 10 and 11. It was a great course for anyone first learning to ride. It was good for someone that has never been on a bike to those who have ridden before. I got a lot out of this course. After practicing on my own bike the following weekend, I took my road test that Monday and pass with no mistakes. The examiner said I can handle the bike very well. Thank you to the guys at TNT.

Ashley - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Very well done compressed course. I personally learned a lot from the material and instructors. Each instructor had their own teaching style. What i found especially helpful was when an instructor would tell me what i did right and how to do something differently next time instead of you did this wrong. One thing i would strongly suggest is taking more mini breaks to get drinks of water. On hot days we are riding bikes that are producing heat and we are stuck under leather in jeans and in a helmet. It gets hot and we dehydrate quickly. I personally ended up with a migraine that lasted two days as i was dehydrated. Drinking breaks is a suggestion. Overall awesome course. I started feeling scared and left feeling confident

Kelly - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
I have to say a huge thanks to Deryl, I have been riding on dirt for years and really wanted some constructive feedback to now transition to the street. I have to say Deryl was even above any expectations and I would recommend anyone be it a brand new rider to someone like me who has been on bikes for years.. Deryl was fantastic

Darryl Lem - Edmonton - BMW Off Road - BIG BIKE'S WANTED

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
I have been riding for 11 years all on pavement. This year I purchased my first Adventure bike and decided I wanted to learn how to ride off road. This is my second course with TNT. My goal was to learn to ride comfortably on Gravel roads and not be scared to death. Chris is a great instructor who really knows how to personalise the training to get the most out of each rider. While I have much more to learn, I now feel more at ease on Gravel and look forward to looking for Gravel roads to ride on.

Todd - Edmonton - BMW Off Road - BIG BIKE'S WANTED

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Excellent course!! I was totally amazed at what my Bike was capable of doing with me at the helm. Overcoming the fears I place on myself where removed, Chris was so much fun and at no point did I ever feel dumb for not knowing. I am so excited to begin my next journey with my new found knowledge. Thank you, Chris!!

Patrick - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 3, 2018
Sometimes, you walk away from a course with little gains, TNT offer more than little, as you walk away with newly acquired skills and passion.

James - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
I took the Rider elements course after bring interested in riding for the past few years. After the two sessions I was able to pass the road test with confidence. The skills you develop in the course help you feel safer and more confident on the road. The instructors were patient, knowledgeable and overall amazing.

Gillian - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Sep 2, 2017
Great course I learnt so much on the Rider Elements course I feel super confident driving on the road now! Thanks to the guys for accommodating a tiny 5 foot girl like myself ill definitely be back for more courses! They have a great set up and I recommend their courses to all my friends! :)

Olaf W - Total Control - Give Your Riding a BOOST

Saturday, Aug 26, 2017
Great course, Flaviu took me to the next level... Can't wait for Total Control 2. Thanks.

Keith Y - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Aug 16, 2017
I enjoyed taking the Rider Elements course. I found the instructors to be patient, helpful and encouraging. I'm a bit "physically challenged" (below knee amputee on my right leg). It took quite a bit of practice to get good with the rear brake, but I got it figured out and passed the course. Going out on the road drive was a real confidence booster as well. Two thumbs up for the whole experience.

Noreen A - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Aug 8, 2017
The course was fantastic and fun. The instructors made me feel comfortable and they were very knowledgeable, I will recommend this course to all my friends!!!

Rob S - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Jul 30, 2017
I took the rider elements course with exactly zero expirence with any type of motorcycle. My nervous inexpirence was directly met with confident, calm and professional instructor's who make it easy to learn. I highly recommend this course to anybody, reguardless of expirence who wants to become a better rider. Thank you TNT.

Elaine D. - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, Jul 7, 2017
I took the Rider Elements course through encouragement from friends. I had never been on a bike before and was unsure how this would go. Flaviu and Eric are calm and knowledgable and they definitely won't give anything unless earned. Once I got out of my own head and trusted the instructions I was being given, things began to click. I was able to complete the course and now I start on the new journey of riding.

Kate - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Jul 6, 2017
I took Rider Elements in June. Steve and Eric were great and helped with building confidence - especially when the torrential downpour started. They provided great feedback and quick pointers on how we could improve (and it helped!). Absolutely a great course!

Kendra - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jul 3, 2017
I took the Rider Elements in June 2017 and being a first time rider it gave me the confidence, skills and experience I needed to be able to handle a bike. The instructors give you no bullshit especially Steve. :) BTW Steve is the BEST instructor we could have asked for on this course. Steve told me what I was doing wrong and was patient with me until I corrected myself. He is what I definitely needed and I am thankful to him and TNT. Now my new bike awaits me. Cheers. The smallest one, with the biggest attitude. :) See ya on the road.

Taylor - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jun 28, 2017
I took Rider Elements in May, and it was a great environment to learn the basics. I rode dirtbikes as a kid, but learning proper low speed techniques, and receiving structured feedback has really helped me feel more balanced, and confident riding in the city. My morning commute is now the best part of my day!!!

Danijel F - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017
There is not much more I can add to all the positive comments that have already been posted. It's all true; great course, excellent instructors, good bikes. But who I really want to brag about and give credit to this time is the person behind the scenes. Shelley at TNT office was fantastic when it came to making accommodations for me at the last minute notice. The day of the course I had a medical family emergency and was unable to attend. I totally expected to lose my full payment but Shelley stepped in and went beyond and above her job description. She found another person to take my spot that day, rescheduled me for another weekend, and saved me hundreds of dollars. I was just on the phone with her again and she helped me get scheduled for the upcoming Rider Tactics course. The woman is a real please to talk to. Great job Shelley and thank you for your support. If I could give you a raise I would.

Lori - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Monday, Jun 26, 2017
I started riding last year on my own, but needed to gain some confidence, skills and experience. I spend 2 hours with Larry completing Rider Tactics 1 and what a difference it made for me. Larry was very patient and knowledgeable. He sat me down to find out what I wanted out of this course. The things I thought I couldn’t do, he showed me that I could do them I just needed the confidence. He talked and gave me feedback throughout the course. I would recommend TNT to anyone. THANK YOU Larry and TNT!! I love riding anywhere and everywhere now.

Shawn L - Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road - BIG BiKE'S

Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017
I've been riding street bikes for 35 years and recently decided to experience off-road riding. Chris was extremely personable, knowledgeable, professional and supportive. Small group course which allowed for more individual focus.I was on the trails a few days later and found myself far more confident than I would have been had Chris not provided the skills for such riding. I highly recommend this course to anyone with or without any backroads experience. What a fun day.

Shawn L - Total Control - Give Your Riding a BOOST

Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017
After approx 200,000 miles of riding and feeling overly confident on most street bikes. I decided to add some professional instruction to my skills after a friend told me about TNT. The Total Control course was humbling to say the least as I found myself handling throttle/brake and negotiating curves with markedly improved techniques. Flaviu was tireless, extremely skillful and detailed in delivering instruction for countless maneuvering activities. Anyone riding two motorcycles of any type would certainly benefit from this course.

Joe S - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, Jun 20, 2017
Had Deryl & Mark for my Instructors one on one for my Rider Tactics course on two different occasions. Both are super instructors knowledgeable and easy going. It was a fantastic experience each time out and made it comfortable to do. I recommend this to anyone to build your skills and confidence. Recommend these two instructors to help you enjoy the experience

Kelly M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Jun 18, 2017
This course is a must for anyone considering hitting the road on two wheels. I grew up on dirt / trail bikes and finally gave into the desire to move to a cruiser. A friend recommended TNT and, because his bike experience was similar to mine, I took his advice. I am so glad I did. Rainor and Eric drilled us on key skills during the day and a half in a way that was fun but serious. I was quite impressed how they brought the new riders up to speed as well. Chris handled the road ride portion of the course and proved to be a calm professional focused on everyone's safety during the ride with encouraging reminders. Had I remembered his advice about turn signals being on too long after the turn I would have passed my road test with zero demerits! :-) I highly recommend this course and will be taking future courses at TNT to continue improving my skills. They're determined to improve the riding community out there by delivering top quality riders one at a time.

Mark M - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Jun 17, 2017
Excellent course. Had a wide variety of rider levels in the course and the instructors made sure no one felt left behind. They took the time needed to ensure everyone was comfortable and confident. Would recommend this course to anyone no matter level of skill.

Russell O - Miette Hot Springs Run - Elevate Your Road Skills

Wednesday, Jun 14, 2017
I take a course every 2 to 3 years (riding since 89) and this is the best course I have taken. Chris provided excellent feedback in a real world situation. We not only had to improve our cornering skills, but also contend with wildlife (bears with cubs and a few deer) and tourists, not very wild but just as dangerous. The information shared in this course has changed the way I look at a corner, from the gear selection to the road position. It was a fantastic day with some awesome people and I would recommend it to any rider who wants to improve their cornering skills!!

Corey R - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jun 7, 2017
Having zero riding experience but always wanting to ride a motorcycle, I was excited but unsure of what to expect. Immediately I was set at ease as the instructors really balance safety and confidence. I was given ample time to learn and hone the skills that were taught and the staff were professional and patient. Very satisfied and happy to took the course- it's also lots of fun!

Nick - Miette Hot Springs Run - Elevate Your Road Skills

Friday, Jun 2, 2017
Had a fantastic time at the course, it was my 3rd one with TNT and I'm going to keep doing one a year as there is so much to learn that I didn't even know about! Being able to spend the day riding twisty roads as there are not enough on most of Alberta's roads to get into a rhythm. Thanks again Chris your a wealth of knowledge!!

Darryl C - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Jun 1, 2017
I had enough experience to get a bike on the road, or so I thought. This course and these instructors provided me with the fundamentals that are so important to enjoy the road safely! Way to go TNT and thank you!

Stephanie L - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, May 26, 2017
After getting my first motorcycle and having no experience I knew that taking a course was essential to my success. The staff at TNT gave me the time I needed to learn, they are extremely patient and knowledgeable. I left the course with the skills and confidence I needed to have fun and enjoy my new bike. Chris and Eric are fantastic!

Sebastian W - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Chris and his team of instructors provided an excellent, pressure-free, and relaxed environment for learning to ride a motorcycle. This course embeds all the critical practices and knowledge required for safe riding. Chris' passion for riding is evident and translates into a fantastically run training school. Special thanks to Larry who was a patient and well-spoken road instructor. I will recommend this course to anyone interested in two wheel riding!

Claudia R - Total Control - Give Your Riding a BOOST

Friday, May 19, 2017
I was definitely nervous about taking the Total Control course having fallen off my bike last year, but also knew that getting my confidence back would be all I needed and considering that I learned to ride with TNT (in 2009) that was definitely the place to go to get my confidence back. The course was on May 13, 2017 and it was a miserable day for riding or being outside in general but Flavio, Rainor & Chris were awesome and very encouraging, Every time they would show us what to do I would think I can't do that and then I did it! I am feeling much more confident in my cornering ability and have really learned to trust my bike. I am looking forward to putting what I learnt to practice this summer and will never hesitate to keep learning and improving my skills with TNT. Thanks again for a great day and for helping me get my confidence back. You guys ROCK!!

andy F - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, May 19, 2017
as a lifelong dirt bike rider this course was great to translate experience (including bad habits) to on road. very confidence inspiring and had me well prepared to pass my licence test with no demerits! thanks for a great course!

Troy - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, May 19, 2017
Was an excellent course for all with experience or not I have rode before but not much and was a great course to learn the proper way of riding thanks to Rainer, Eric and Chris. First day started at 5:45 pm which was great as I had a 5 hr drive to the city and was on the bikes and learning with in the hr. second day was a full day of some real good lot skills and tests with a road ride. Finished with graduation and was off to colingwood registrys within the hr and passed my road test with flying colours. Thanks once again guys for the awsome course and expert knowledge.

Richard G - Total Control - Give Your Riding a BOOST

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Found the course to be very informative regarding motorcycle cornering, riding, focus and attitude. I feel that there was a substantial amount of information to digest in one day and that maybe the course length should be longer to allow for more detail explanation and practical applications. Thanks, Richard G

Stanley R - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Having ridden many different bikes over 50 years in England, Daryl was able to correct some of my bad habits for the Canadian way of riding (quite different in several ways), in a very polite manner, to the extent that 7 days later I took the test and the examiner commented on my good riding skills and passed me. I would certainly recommend TNT to any rider from overseas to be shown and taught the Canadian differences before taking the test. Thank you Daryl and TNT

Dany L. - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, May 15, 2017
excellent experience, i learned lot and they prepared me for my road test so thank'guys for your patience

andrew a - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Saturday, May 13, 2017
2017-05-12 Rider Tactics course with Chris B , I took this course to work on my skills with a bigger bike 750cc , I found with the extra power my riding needed to be adapted on a couple of issues , Chris listened to my concerns and helped me through them and also gave me great feed back on others issues that I needed to work on as I do more riding , thanks Chris as today was worth every penny and so far that's the most comfortable i'v felt on my own bike.

andrew a - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, May 6, 2017
April 28 2017 Rider Elements course was a blast and prepared me to pass my road test on May 5th 1st attempt , I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who wishes to ride these Crazy Alberta roads , thanks to all at TNT for the patience and knowledge you shared . keep up the good work

Cole - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 4, 2017
Great course! I was dreading the road before I started the course. After the on lot instruction I felt confident to go out on the road. Chris was an awesome coach on the road, and has a great team of instructors. I gained a lot from this course, and will be signing up for more. Cheers

Rick F - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, May 3, 2017
Excellent experience, I had no experience riding a motorcycle before taking the rider elements course the instructors were great and patient with me as I don't learn as fast as others but after the 2 days I felt confident on the motorcycle and passed the class 6 road test the next day. Thank you for the great experience

Bob - Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road - BIG BiKE'S

Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017
Sat. April 22, 2017. This was my first off road course on my R12GS. Chris covered all the riding skills listed in the course description in a systematic way that helped us build our skills throughout the day. He took a very positive and supportive approach, provided time for practice, detection and correction, and reflection and discussion. He's clearly very knowledgable about all types of riding. Chris also had great snacks, stories, lots of water, and a good first aid kit. Thanks Chris!

Jason - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Aug 27, 2016
This was my first time riding a motorcycle, and the course gave me the confidence to pass both my written and road tests on the first attempt, and has now allowed me to begin fully enjoying the sport. The instructors were professional and understanding. The class was great fun. Overall, this was an outstanding experience and I highly recommend it to newbies and experienced riders alike. I will most certainly be back for advanced courses in the coming season. Thank you!

Terry - Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road - BIG BiKE'S

Friday, Aug 26, 2016
This being my 3rd coarse with TNT I really enjoyed the Off Road Skills coarse. Chris as well as all the TNT instructors have a passion for motorbikes big and small that shines through in their instruction making learning new techniques fun and interesting. It's easy and enjoyable learning from people who have been there and done that. The OFF Road coarse added a whole new dimension to my riding. Even having done some gravel and dirt road riding in the past the skills I acquired at the coarse immediately gave me a new found confidence in my Adventure bike riding abilities on or off road. Keep up the good work TNT!

Sharon A - Miette Hot Springs Run - Elevate Your Road Skills

Monday, Aug 22, 2016
Hi Chris - hope things are well with you. We just got back from our most amazing trip to Sturgis & area. I cannot thank you enough for the lessons you taught me. It made the world of difference. I did great!! No melt downs ... I was able to thoroughly enjoy everything. We reviewed your reminder email regularly to ensure we were remembering everything. Meeting you ahead of time turned what could have been a stressful trip into a thoroughly amazing trip. Thanks again for all you did. :)

Adam - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Aug 18, 2016
Over a decade since I last rode so figured a couple of days training in order to get reacquainted with two wheels was warranted. Found TNT on the internet; Course length looked right, it fit with work and the bonus of a free rental for the Class 6 road test made it an easy decision. Professional instructors who clearly love riding and sharing their love of motorcycles. Great instructions provided throughout and personalized attention ever present. When I was getting comfortable with a maneuver any one of the instructors would give me encouragement to ‘try a tighter turn’ or ‘get your speed up and use more front brake’ and my skills improved. Deryl did a great job leading the road ride, getting us up to speed, and providing lots of guidance and tips. And the preparation for the Class 6 road test was invaluable. Finished the course on Saturday, and passed the road test on Tuesday. Thanks for helping me get back on two wheels, don’t know why I waited so long.

Nick - Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road - BIG BiKE'S

Wednesday, Aug 17, 2016
I started this course with limited off-road experience on dirt bikes and quads, and never rode my adventure bike off road. By the end of the course I was confidentially riding through the MX track and was comfortable with the extra weight that comes with Adventure bikes! Chris is a fantastic instructor and am excited for the more advanced off-road course there putting together! I plan to take a couple courses every year as there is so much to learn that I didn't know there was to learn!

Monroe O. - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Thursday, Aug 4, 2016
WOW... Wat can I say about Deryl, very patient, informative, very technical, personable, and extremely knowledgeable! He helped me get comfortable again on a bike and I appreciate it. Great instructor and your money will be worth every penny! Thanks Uncle D!

Terri - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016
This course was excellent, from beginning to end! I was very nervous because I had never been on a motorcycle before. Chris, Eric and Daryl were patient and relaxed, educated and encouraging. They want you to succeed at being a safe rider and they won't let you move forward until you are. It's obvious they aren't just in this to push people through an assembly line riding course; they want the roads to be safe for motorcyclists, new and experienced. Thank you guys, for a great first motorcycling experience. I will recommend your program to everyone I speak to and I'll never forget to shoulder check!

Jack - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2016
I had not done any significant riding on a motorcycle in about 25 years. My memory told me I had always been a decent rider. Apparently that's just heading straight down the road or mild turns. Wow, these guys showed me things that would have saved me troubles in the past had I been aware before. Also, I was not afraid of riding on the roads among traffic. I am a good driver in a car and try to be aware and visible to others. Even so, taking this course provided quite a bit more confidence just from the added understanding of the bike and its reactions to the rider. Trained most of the day with Eric. If ever I was looking to hire someone to lead people, Eric would be on my short list. Fantastic job and a big thank you! Rainor provided the remainder of my lot training. Very candid fellow who could teach most people a thing or two. Really appreciate the direct approach ! Road tested with Chris who is obviously keenly aware of his surroundings. He picked out really key details that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. There is a great depth of knowledge and skill that so many more should try to get from him. All in all - a great experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in motorcycling.

Emmet - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2016
Just completed the Rider Elements course and was really impressed with it...I had never been on a bike before and the instructors worked really hard to make sure I was capable to ensure a safe and fun experience for the road ride. Thanks very much to Steve, Eric and Daryl for a great weekend! Emmet

Nick - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2016
I had a fantastic time at the course and feel totally confident riding now!! I bought my first bike and have ridden bikes here and there but not much so I took the elements course to get some skills and was pleasantly surprised on how easy they made the learned and at comfortable pace! Then I took my road exam right after the course and passed!! I have already signed up for their off-road course!

Reza - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, Jun 28, 2016
I completed this course with Deryl on June 22nd and passed the road test on June 27th on my first attempt. He is such a fantastic guy and very good instructor. I enjoyed the course specially when we went to the roads. I'd recommend this course to anyone who wants to passed class 6 road test.

Dawn W - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, Jun 24, 2016
My husband is a huge fan of riding. I was tossing back and forth.... wasn't sure how I felt! So, I decided to take the Rider Elements course that my husband took last summer. But first I needed to practice some sort of riding... so in March we purchased a Honda 125 CBR. We rode a couple times a week, and each time we rode I enjoyed it more and more! I was getting excited for the course. Upon arriving on Thursday, my classmates consisted of me and 7 gentlemen! Little intimidated forsure! But, after doing some lot work, I was over the intimidation feeling quickly! Erin and Rainor along with the other classmates made me feel comfortable! I was able to perform most of the lot skills with no issues, the road trip was great! But, I had issues with Collision avoidance. Rainor tried everything, he wasn't stopping until I did it, and did it right... not once, but about 5 times! At last.. he stamped my card! I was thrilled! The course completed and passed! Next up 2 days later I had my road test, SUCCESS there too! I now hold a class 6 license! Thank you so much Rainor, Erin and everyone at T&T for teaching us the skills to be safe riders! And BIG thanks to my husband for guiding me in the rider direction!

Neel K - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Jun 18, 2016
I've always wanted a motorcycle, but never thought I'd be able to because the odds seemed against me. I had never rode a motorcycle, never drove stick, and I'm so short that I can't flat-foot anything taller than a Grom. Plus, I have no friends/family that ride who could have taught me. Some randomly lady at an AMA saw me flipping through the riders guide and recommended TNT, I'm so glad she did. If she hadn't, I probably wouldn't have my class 6 today. I took Rider Elements last year, and Rider Tactics this summer before I took my road test. I passed with no demerits relating to motorcycle control, just made some silly general driving errors. If TNT can teach me how to ride, they can probably teach anyone else. Big thanks to Flaviu, Steve and Eric for their constructive criticism. And a huge thanks to Deryl for being so polite, patient, and for making me road-test ready. Bought a motorcycle last week, this summer couldn't be any better!

John H - Miette Hot Springs Run - Elevate Your Road Skills

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016
Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day June Miette Hot Springs cornering and braking course. Chris & Deryl were professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. This course helped improve my riding skills and confidence. Also saved me from crashing into 2 ignorant tourist vehicles parked in opposite directions in the middle of a blind corner looking at a black bear. Thanks for your patience and offering this course. I plan on taking the TNT Total Control course and would recommend anyone to check out these essential training courses.

Troy T - Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road - BIG BiKE'S

Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016
I have just completed the BMW Off Road Skills this past Sunday June 12. I currently own a 2015 KTM 1290 Super Adventure that I use primarily for touring. I have never had the bike off road and had no previous adventure bike off road experience or training prior to Sunday. I don't have any aspirations to run the Baha or Dakar rally's, but I did want to gain some confidence to take my bike off road down the odd gravel road or logging road as to what my bike is designed to do. I was quite nervous when I arrived and to make matters worse, it had rained very hard the Saturday night prior to the course, so the entire training area wet extremely wet and muddy, which only added to my nervousness. Chris quickly put me at ease and took the time to personally show me how to set up my bike for off road/endure style riding by making adjustments to my handle bars, levers and foot pegs, etc... Before I knew it with Chris's careful instruction, I was counter-steering, completing running starts, emergency stops, and completing emergency hill climb stops and hill climbs with a new found confidence! The hill climb was a blast on a 550 lb bike, (right Chris?) I enjoyed Chris's style of teaching as up front, non judgemental and informative. Even though I had no personal off road riding experience, Chris and his guest Caroline put me right at ease. I was doing things on my bike that until that morning, I did not think were possible for me to do! There's something to be said when you realize you are counter-steering with all your weight on the opposite footpeg and your knee wrapped around your fuel tank while completing a tight turn in the mud with a very heavy bike with road ties on like it was nothing at all, with the proper instruction. This is very confidence inspiring!! I left the course with a new found confidence and a good base in which to build my off road skills on. I strongly recommend that anyone with an interest to get their bike off the pavement for any stretch of time take this course, as it is not just for BMW owners, but for anyone with a desire to get their bike on the road less traveled. Thanks again for Chris and Caroline for all your guidance, it was time and money well spent! When is the Off Road Training Level 2 starting? Can't wait!!

Robert A - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016
I did my course june 9th and 10th. After which, I had set my road test with Callingwood registry. I passed right off the bat, all thanks to my instructors. My examiner said, my balance was great and probably one of the best examinees he had in years. TNTmotorcycling prepared me well. Before I took the course, I was bad at parking lot speeds. That was all cured after the course. Thanks again! I will not forget the basics you taught.

Greg E - Rider Tactics 2

Saturday, Jun 11, 2016
I completed the Rider Tactics 2 course with Chris, and passed my Class 6 road test 3 days later. I can't say enough good things about Chris and TNT Motorcycling! He made sure I was fully prepared for the road test, running me through a variety of driving situations and both high-and low-speed maneuvering, and their instruction was actually more intensive than my road test was. All that attention to detail paid off, and I can sure see how it'll pay off in the future as I ride more. Thanks again! I would definitely recommend this particular course for anybody wanting to sharpen up their driving skills before the road test.

Sandi - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jun 8, 2016
I completed the Rider Element course the beginning of May. It was the best decision I could have made, The teachers were great, Rainor, Chris and Eric, they were all very knowledgeable, encouraging & patient. The skills and confidence I gained taking this course helped a lot. A week later I completed Rider Tactics 1, my instructor Deryl, asked what I felt I needed work on, it was confidence. I brought my own bike and we rode for 2 hours, 4 days later I passed my Class 6 Road test with confidence and pride. Thank you to everyone at TNT. I highly recommend course.

Pierre - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Wednesday, Jun 8, 2016
I completed the Rider Elements course a week and half ago, then followed up with Rider Tactics. I love the instruction and the invaluable information passed on by the talented instructors at TNT. Many thanks to Deryl, Chris and Eric. Keep doing what your doing it helps the inexperienced motorcyclists learn excellent habits and valuable riding skills. I passed by class 6 today!

Gord - Miette Hot Springs Run - Elevate Your Road Skills

Monday, Jun 6, 2016
The Miette Hot Springs Run provided a terrific opportunity to learn from the best. Chris and Deryl are expert instructors. They did a great job of patiently teaching and demonstrating riding techniques in a most beautiful setting. I left the course with much more knowledge and confidence than before going - and a bonus of some new friends !

Ryan - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Completed Rider Elements with Instructors Chris, Eric and Steve. Had a great time, and learned the fundamentals of practical, and safe riding. They are very patient teachers. I have attained my class 6 licence, which I believe I wouldn't have If I did not take a course, and I am glad I took it with TNT. I will recommend this course to anyone I know interested in learning, and will take other courses in the future to improve my current abilities. Thanks guys!

Ali - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Saturday, May 28, 2016
I completed the Rider Elements course, followed by the Rider Tactics 1 course two days later just because I loved learning from the instructors and had a great time gaining priceless experience on how to operate a motorcycle. Can't thank Deryl enough for sharpening up on my road skills, he's extremely knowledgeable and patient. I learned alot from him and became much more confident on a bike. Just a couple days after my course with Deryl I passed my Class 6 Road test and it feels great! I would definitely recommend this course and the Rider Elements course to anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of riding a motorcycle safely and effectively.

Greg - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 26, 2016
I didn't know what to expect from this course, but I was very impressed by the smooth and professional presentation in this course. Slow-speed drills weren't something I was expecting, but I was glad to learn them! It sure made me aware of my balance on a bike. And the shoulder-checking emphasis ... now I find myself doing that in my truck on the road. This course has so much to offer, even to experienced bikers who've never taken a formal course, that I'd recommend it without hesitation. Rainor, Chris, and Eric were great teachers, and the course was well worth the money.

Dillon - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
Had the pleasure of working with Deryl at tnt. That guy is amazing, knowledgeable, and patient. I already had my class 6 when going to the course. I just wanted to make sure/learn anything I could use to improve my riding skills. I would recommend this course to anyone. Deryl if you read this keep up what your doing! Great work to tnt for the courses you made for people to learn to ride on 2 wheels! Thanks. Dillon

Curtis - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, May 14, 2016
I had never sit on a bike before, but just one week after completing Rider Elements I passed my road test, and bought a Yamaha R3 within the week. After 100-200 km of city riding, it became clear just how important everything that was taught in the course was to remain safe on the roads, and because of that I have been able to! Chris, Rainor, and Eric were all very knowledgeable and excellent teachers, and my riding is much better because of them. It may be possible to pass a road test without this course, but there are so many important things a new rider would never think of that it would be a reckless decision to get a bike without this course, even with off-road experience.

Student May 2016 - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 12, 2016
I have already told everyone I know that rides about the course and how great it was. I was so nervous to begin with, since my riding experience was pretty much nil. But the instructors were patient and very good at teaching and making sure I learned the right way to do things. I didn't think I would be able to ride a motorcycle, but I fell in love with it right away! I would love to take the Rider Tactics Class with my own bike, as it is quite different from what I learned on and am a little nervouse riding it since there is quite a size and weight difference. But I'm sure after that course, I will be confident.

Student May 2016 - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Competitive price, good preparation for the road, and ultimately I feel confident in purchasing and riding a motorcycle on the road on my own. Also the Bulger beat any price for motorcycle insurance I've found by about half so the course paid for itself in alerting that to me since I will save as much as I paid for the course in one year.

Paul - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Thanks so much! FYI... I passed the road test this morning:) The training at TNT was extremely helpful. Thanks again to everyone involved! It's going to be fantastic Summer!

Pierre - Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road - BIG BiKE'S

Saturday, Apr 23, 2016
WOW!!! What a nice course that was, I learned so much and there is so much still to learn. It is a true test of physical endurance and mental concentration. Some of the riding principles were so foreign and challenging to me, but made a world of difference in my riding capacities. A course like this is an eye opener and a must for all back road riders. Chris knows his stuff and can transmit the knowledge in an efficient and friendly way. Looking forward to Level 2...

Bob - Kelowna BC - BMW Off Road - BIG BiKE'S

Tuesday, Apr 19, 2016
Riding a BMW dual sport bike in BC is a blast! Understanding and praticing the proper techniques and skills that are required to get you up and down the mountain back roads safely is a must. This is a great coarse that teaches dual sport riders how to do what they love to do better. Many thanks to Chris at TNT, I learned a lot that will be put into practice and I look forward to level 2. And to Dave (owner of the BMW bike store in Kelowna) Bentley Motorrad for helping to make this coarse happen here. Happy Trails.

Lonnie - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015
Deryl was a fantastic instructor. He patiently gave VERY helpful tips and constructive criticism. I greatly benefited from his calm words of encouragement as we spent time together riding the streets of west Edmonton. I took my class 6 test today, and all through the ride I could hear Deryl's reminders (shoulder check, cancel signal, etc.). Thanks, Deryl! I hope I "made you proud" as I passed with flying colours. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to prep before taking the Class 6 Road Test.

Angelo - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Aug 1, 2015
Just wanting to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the team of Chris, Eric and Deryl and everyone at TNT Motorcycling, who has provided me with the *proper* road skills and techniques that allowed me to pass the Class 6 road test today. Even though I have ridden motorcycles before (way back), the learning and insight you will gain from these awesome folks would be invaluable once you start riding and prepare for your road exam. I took both the Rider Elements and the Rider Tactics courses. The Rider Elements brings you the a solid foundation on the basics, while the Rider Tactics will provide you with the essential skills that will boost your confidence riding in actual traffic. Kudos to the team! P.S. I took the Rider Tactics this morning, a full month after I took the Rider Elements. I used that as a prep course for my road test which I took this afternoon. In-between, I did not have had any on-motorcycle practice, but rather, relied on the expertise and knowledge imparted by these awesome teachers.

Randy - Bentley Motorrad

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015
After well over 48 years of riding motorcycles I finally realized I was still a sloppy rider requiring a "tune-up" to improve my skills. Low and behold, the "Total Control" course put on by TNT. I recently had an opportunity to take this course in Kelowna BC with instructors Rainor and Chris. Tremendous committment to the course details, rationale behind the theory, demonstrations, and applications. It all makes sense......and it works. I hear they are developing an off road "adventure touring" type course and I'm hoping to be their first customer.......still lots to learn...... All I can say, is if you have an opportunity.....take the "Total Control" course!

Bob - Bentley Motorrad

Sunday, Jul 19, 2015
I completed the "Total Control" rider training in Kelowna yesterday. What a great coarse! Step by step instruction and practice took all the participants to the edge of our confidence levels and back. In one day it taught me how with proper technique I can extend myself closer to the limits of what my GSA can do while being safer and in better control of my ride. Thanks for a great learning experience and Happy Trails. Bob Race Kelowna B.C.

Martin - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jul 13, 2015
I completed the course in mid June and have nothing but good things to say about Chris, Eric and Deryl. I should mention that I had a bit of practice (3-4 hours?) in parking lots beforehand so I knew the very basics (turning the motorcycle on and off, shifting, and stopping) but my skills were very raw and needed much refining. Chris and Eric were very patient and constructively pointed out the little things that I could be doing to make myself a better/safer rider. Over the two days, I would say 90% of the time is spent on a motorcycle. Deryl was our road instructor and the guidance he gave me were invaluable and I still use everytime I ride. The motorcycles provided were also perfect (Honda CBR125R) for a beginner as they were light and very forgiving. Fast forward a month, I've gotten my class 6 and have put over 2,000 km on my motorcycle so far!

Grace - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Wednesday, Jul 8, 2015
I had the pleasure of taking the Rider Tactics 1 course - twice... :)... this summer with Deryl. He is absolutely fantastic - very patient and stretched me when I wasn't really sure I was ready to be stretched. His safety sense is phenomenal and I got to watch him in action when he almost got creamed by someone not paying attention to the road. I highly recommend this class to anyone who hasn't ridden in awhile, or someone who needs to brush up before taking their Class 5 road test. And a personal word for Deryl - I only lost marks once for forgetting to turn off my signal light... :)

Brian - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jul 8, 2015
Completed Rider Elements on July 3/15. I had minimal street bike experience and felt the instructors provided the proper training, feedback and confidence needed for me to successfully pass the class 6 road test the very next day. Thanks and will recommend TNT Motorcycling Rider Training.

Scott - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Monday, Jun 29, 2015
I haven't ridden in over 10 years; a colleague recommended TNT's Rider Tactics course to brush up. The class was one-on-one, the feedback was specific and extremely helpful. The instructor, Deryl, was very patient and he continually challenged me throughout the entire two hour session. We worked up from a quick parking lot refresher, to going out in the neighbourhoods, and then out to the freeways. What a great experience. It also helps when the bikes are in fantastic condition and the school is located in a great spot. I feel really confident that I will do great on the road test. Thanks, Deryl!

Trish - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015
Completed the Rider Elements June 7 & 8. Can't say enough about Chris, Eric and Darryl. Your patience and guidance is topnotch. I am a new rider with zero skill and confidence and was very nervous about learning to ride. The training provided gave me the skills and confidence I needed to take my road test. I left the course with the confidence and skills I needed to take my road test and pass with flying colours on my first try. They were spot on when they said if you knew the rules of the road when going to take the road test that they had provided you with the motorcycle skills to be successful! Thanks guys for the confidence to ride! I highly recommend this course and these three great guys for anyone wanting to learn to ride!

Raylene - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Jun 9, 2015
My husband & I just completed the Rider Elements course June 7/8. Me with zero experience & him having 4 yrs experience. I was pretty nervous the day of the course and worried that I wouldn't be able to get the hang of things & the instructors would get frustrated with me. That fear quickly went away as we started riding right away and their coaching & instruction was so helpful. Chris & Eric were so patient & encouraging & explained everything so well. When a drill wasn't working for me, they took the time to watch what I was doing, explain why it wasn't working and what I needed to do to correct it and kept going over it with me till I got it. The course was way more than I expected and gave me the confidence that I can do this. And although my husband is an experienced rider - even he said he learned things that will help him become a safer and better rider. Deryl was our road ride instructor and he was amazing and made you feel totally confident & comfortable on the road. His tips and instruction as we went were superb!! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to ride. Thanks guys for everything!!

Kim - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, Jun 2, 2015
Did Rider Elements in August of 2014, but didn't get around to get the road test done. Signed up for Rider Tactics 1 for a one-on-one brush up to prepare for the test in May 2015. Instructors were very professional and instructions detailed and to the point. Enjoyed both courses and would like to recommend TNT to anyone with a desire to ride! Thanks, Kim

Steve - Total Control - Give Your Riding a BOOST

Monday, May 25, 2015
Chris and Rainor Great Total Control Course on the weekend. Even though we may not have looked like Lee Parks (or even Chris) at the end of the course the lessons and practice have already made a noticeable difference to how I approach and execute a corner. The lessons on Vision, speed control and body position as well as the “10 steps” give a structure to the process that take the guess work out of what to do and when to do it. That by itself has made tighter corners less intimidating. I look forward to practicing the techniques you taught. Thanks again

Lance - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, May 24, 2015
Completed course May 17-18.First time rider with zero motorcyle experience.Darrel,Eric and Chris are awesome instructors.Their teachings will benefit my riding every time I sit on a motorcycle.The patience and tutorage they provide is invaluable if your a new rider or seasoned rider.Left this course with new found skill and confidence ready to start my motorcycling adventure .If anyone needs skills for riding this is the company.Had a great time and thanks guys.

Jake - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
I took the rider elements course this past Sunday and Monday. Coming into the course, I had some dirt bike experience and no street bike experience. My goal was to gain the confidence and competence to pass my road test. I learned more than I expected to, and accomplished what I expected to. Chris, Eric, and Derryl were very professional and gave very specific instruction and clear explanations for each tip to practise. I appreciated their honest feedback and attention to detail. Most of the course was spent on the bike. I passed my road test the day after completing this course, and feel much safer having taken this course. Thanks guys, you did your job well.

Glenn - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, May 10, 2015
After I had signed up for this course, two of my friends at work took a similar course through another company and told me it was a waste of time; they didn't learn a thing. They must have signed up with the wrong outfit. Within minutes of arriving, we started riding and didn't stop for 3 hours. The course was fast paced (it reminded me of a high level hockey practice) and the drills were very well thought out to progress a new rider. I had some previous experience (years of dirt biking and had about 2000km road time) and I learned a lot from this course yet by the end of the 2nd day, most of the first time riders had caught up to me. The instructors were excellent; very patient and supportive with their feedback. I did my road test 1hr after finishing the course and now have my class 6. I'd highly recommend this course.

Olanrewaju Akinwole - Nigeria Rider Tactics

Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014
It was great having my riding foundation properly buttressed with uniquely important information while clearing doubts and fears. Chris was awesome with his abilities to calm ,soothe,push while gingerly instructing a newbie like me. Not only were his messages clear, they had a meaning for everyday usage/survival and building confidence. I sincerely hope he comes around once again soon. Many thanks

Anthony Mba - Nigeria Rider Tactics

Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014
Chris ooooo! Lol. The experience was awesome! I have been riding for about a year now,and really wasn't very comfortable in traffic,and along came Chris who said to me,"you can always be in a better spot than where you are,so look out for it". That made the difference. Thank you also for saying "easy on the death grip on the handles". God bless you plenty,see you soon.

Seun Oduwole - Nigeria Rider Tactics Session

Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014
I've been a rider for about 3 years. When I heard Chris was coming I was quite excited to have a session with a rider of his calibre. The session was amazingly simple and effective. It was like being a newbie rider all over again, going through motorcycle basics and riding basics through to emergency braking and counter steering. Chris is a great instructor, Down to earth and extremely knowledgeable and passionate about motorcycling. The training has invigorated my love for motorcycling and improved my confidence a great deal. Thanks so much Chris. You've got to come back again. Also tell people how fun Lagos is despite the negative media propaganda. Thanks dude :-)

Gbenga Aderibigbe - Nigeria Rider Tactics Session

Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014
CHRIS!!! Great guy, very good instructor, wonderful teacher...An hour ride with you taught me the skills of counter-steering and cornering; it was astonishing and I've simply overcome the fear I feel when approaching a bend/corner. I also will not forget in a hurry my experience during the practical session of emergency braking....lol However, the overall experience was awesome and you have really made a better rider. YOU ARE THE MAN!

Sheyi Adebayo - Nigeria Rider Tactics Session

Monday, Dec 1, 2014
Wow...where do i start to thank Chris for a life changing experience. I have only been riding for 3 year and i thought i was an ok ride. However, in a short session Chris showed me a different side of my riding that I never knew. This is a life changing experience and I shall forever be grateful to him for this training. I am sure we will bring you back to Nigeria sometime in the very near future. Thank you Chris

Kwesi Amanor-Boadu - Nigeria Rider Tactics Session

Monday, Dec 1, 2014
I have been riding for almost two years here in Nigeria when Chris was invited to train the members of REMC and help improve and re-tune the various skill/skill level among members. What an AWESOME experience I had during my training session. Chris was patient, witty, and very very thorough in finding something to reorient me about. From tyre care and attitude, to follow up maintenance, including needing a lesson to remember to check brake lights more frequently and JUST by changing how i placed my feet on the bike pegs improved my cornering skill extraordinarily. We spent time also looking at emergency braking and obstacle avoidance. The training session was indeed a different perspective and creates a need to seek improvement continuously. I also have to say that just the energy Chris brings to the work environment is a plus for those of us who interacted with him. I am sure we have given Chris new insights into all things Nigerian and we look forward to having him again some time soon. Thank you Chris YOU ROCK.

segun obagun - Nigeria Rider Tactics

Monday, Dec 1, 2014
I have over 10 years riding experience,I Have been a ride instructor in a school I co own, for 5 years taken courses in advanced riding and instructor riding in the united kingdom. Despite all these,i was amazed at the amount and quality of EDUCATION that I got from Chris. Most of all have learnt how to remove boundaries and adapt to achieve the best results using the best practices in the unique riding environment we have in Nigeria.I was inspired. Thanks , Chris.

adegoke adefisayo - Nigeria Rider Tactics

Monday, Dec 1, 2014
Chris I don't know how to express your contribution to my unknowingly small knowledge about riding a motorcycle............u just may have saved my life. Thank you so much.

Ogbonnaya Kanu - Nigeria Rider Tactics Session

Sunday, Nov 30, 2014
I like to think that I have quite some experience in riding, having attended quite a few trainings in Europe and ridden extensively in Africa. My average yearly mileage is about 25,000km and I have been riding for 9 years. I watched and listened to Chris as he showed others in the course, ways they could improve themselves and I wondered what he possibly could have for me. What a pleasant surprise when my session started. We spent almost all the time in the class as Chris went into my mind to rearrange stuff that was hindering me from getting better. I am still amazed at how he was able to reach me and touch a spot that showed me endless possibilities to improve my riding. I am so grateful to God for allowing me meet Chris and the opportunity that meeting him brought about for me and for REMC, Thank you so much Chris. I really appreciate you!!!

chibuzo obi - Nigeria Rider Tactics Session

Sunday, Nov 30, 2014
My club members and I had the wonderful opportunity and experience of having Chris Bulger visit Nigeria to train us on Nigerian Rider Tactics. He was exceptionally GOOD. He was able to quickly appreciate each individual member riding needs and addressed them in a very easy to understand and professional manner. He made us feel very comfortable and confident in all his classes and at the end of the training, I personally had gained valuable knowledge of the basic skills required to improve on my motorcyle riding. Thank you Chris and we all would like to have you come back in no distant future.

Vince - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014
Not having been on a motorcycle for 35 years (dirt-biking on the farm as a young teenager), I had friends who are riding and wished I was part of that group. I decided to take the plunge and take the TNT Rider Elements Course. I graduated on August 9th and booked the test for the next available spot which was August 18th. I passed first try and couldn't have done it without the skills and mentorship given from Flaviu, Jeremy and Eric. Thanks guys!

Tracy - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Aug 13, 2014
Thanks to Chris and Jeremy, I passed my class 6 road test today!! Never could have done it or felt as confident as I do now on a bike without your expertise and quality training. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Mark L - Total Control - Give Your Riding a BOOST

Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014
4 years ago I made the decision to take the Rider Elements course as I was returning to riding after many years. Last weekend I took the Total Control course. Building on the experience gained after Rider Elements, this 1 day course helped me develop my riding skills and confidence more than I can express. Chris and Reiner not only helped us to improve our riding skills, but gave us the mental tools necessary to continue building upon them everytime we get on our bikes. If you love riding, do yourself a favour and take the Total Control course. RIDE, LEARN, LIVE.

Duane - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Monday, Jul 14, 2014
For at least the past 8 years, I've been wanting to get my motorcycle license. I have several friends who have been riding since we were in high school, but I never had the opportunity to learn. In fact, before taking TNT's Rider Elements course, I had NEVER rode before. I registered for the course months ago, and without much understanding of how to ride a motorcycle, I also booked my road exam for the day after I would complete the course. This past Thursday and Friday, I did the course. Having no experience really didn't matter. I took in all the information and the instructors were patient with me as I worked on developing the skills they were teaching me. I was able to complete the course and even got out on a road ride on Friday, which was INVALUABLE. The training gave me a great deal of confidence and I was able to pass the road test at the registry the next day with no issues! While I'm still new to riding and don't have a bike yet, I feel like I at least have a great foundation of knowledge that will make me a safe, confident, comfortable rider. What a great experience!

Nigel - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Monday, May 12, 2014
I took Rider Elements last summer, but got too busy to take my licence. I just took Rider Tactics, and passed my exam with ease. I will tell everyone about TNT, because I went from having no experience to feeling comfortable on a motorcycle! Had a great day, and am ecstatic to start riding all the time!

Gerry - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
I was licensed before I took the course - I ride a large tourer. So I was very surprised at how much I did not know about riding a motorcycle. TNT instructors started us off with bike basics - starting, stopping and cornering through to road trips. I watched while the instructors took timid greenhorns and turned them in to confident riders. It's pretty easy to ride fast. But starting smoothly, riding slow, and cornering safely are what you'll learn at TNT. We spent 90% or our time on a bike. If you're new to riding, or if you've been at it a while, you'll find great value with this course - and you'll be a better, safer rider.

Andrew - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
TNT Motorcycle training was great, trainers were there to help you every step of the way, and made you feel very comfortable riding, no matter if you were a new rider or just someone wanting to touch up on some skills. Also the fact that you get to go on the road was awesome! Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to start riding! Thank you TNT!

Rhonda - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013
Thank U so much, to all the staff at TNT. I have never, ridden a motor bike before, but with the amazing instruction & unlimited patience, I have passed my road test & look forward to holidays on a bike. A special thanks to Darrel for my private lesson & helping me be a better rider. I recommend TNT for their passion & safety for all riders. Thank you, thank you :D

Tara - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Thursday, Sep 5, 2013
Taking this course as a beginner rider (never on a street bike prior) was the key to confidence! I took the Rider Elements course at the beginning of August 2013 and I am now riding my late father's Harley Heritage Softail classic 1300cc. The practical knowledge was spot on and without this course my nerves would have got the best of me! Definitely I will recommend this course to any rider (I'm only 5 feet tall-smaller build) and I can now enjoy the ride on my own Harley instead of being the #^% on the back:) thanks to TNT!

Cody K - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, Jul 2, 2013
What can I say... TNT really helped me out. I needed a refresher course fast so that I could get my class 6 license and they were able to get me in the next day! I spent 2 hours with Deryl in preparation of my class 6 test and he was amazing. Really patient, easy to talk to and gave me all the tips I needed. Thanks to TNT I passed my class 6 test the next morning with flying colors. Thanks again!!

Marc - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Wednesday, Jun 26, 2013
I just wanted to say if you are thinking about riding a motorcycle you need to take this course . I've always wanted to ride but was a little nervous. These guys are awesome they taught me everything I needed to know. I will be taking other courses they are the best

Jadran M - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' to TNT. I did the beginner course a few years back and to refresh my skills, I opted to do the Rider Tactics 1 course with Darrell. He was thorough, precise, and a great teacher. He reinstated the level of confidence I had as a rider. I really enjoyed the course and have recommended TNT to numerous people.

Luke - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Friday, Aug 17, 2012
I have been riding a motorcycle off road for a long time, When it came time to take my skills on the pavement I was pleased to see this course can teach even experienced riders a thing or too. Instructors were excellent, thank you all.

Michele - Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012
Just spent a weekend at TNT on riders elements and riding tactic's wow I was very impressed with the instructors. I feel so much more confident in beening able to ride a bike. And the funny thing is I'm even looking at how I drive my truck! I want to thank everyone for taking their time from a family long weekend to teach me. Thank you and I will be back.

William - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Sunday, Jul 29, 2012
Thank you TNT !! After not riding for 25-30 years and while searching for a complete program for motorcycle training I spoke to a lot of riders and TNT's name came up often. After looking into the courses I found that TNT was most complete. From beginner to advanced. I wanted a team that was going to carry me through all aspects of SAFE driving. Merrill and Steve always answered our questions and offered a lot of pointers and were very patient with the class who most had never even been on a bike. Because of the instructors patience and dedication to the class's success everyone completed the course and passed.Looking forward to going back to TNT for advanced classes.

Cheryl - Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Saturday, Jul 21, 2012
I just completed the Rider's Elements Course today and what a fantastic weekend. Merrill and Jeremy were wonderful. They were helpful, knowledgeable and brought humour to the weekend. At 53 years old, I hadn't spent much time on a bike and by the end of today I'm feeling pretty confident. Tomorrow's my road test and I can take it with confidence. Thank you TNT I will be taking more classes!


Wednesday, Jun 27, 2012
Being a person who has been on a motorcycle before on the farm I was not confident in my stree skills and elected to take the course through TNT. I must say the instructors were very engaging and helped me tweak my skills for the test. I did not pass my test due to some poor driving habits HOWEVER the examiner said that my motorcyle portion was spot and and I should be able to pass the next time, of which held true. I look forward to getting some more hours on my bije so I can take the Total Control course. Thanks very much TNT!

Powel Crosley

Saturday, Jun 23, 2012
Looking for new challenges in life (I'm 60 years old) I decided that touring on a motorcycle would be interesting. I had zero time on a bike before I took Rider Elements last autumn with Chris and Mark. It confirmed my interest so this spring I did an on-road 2-hour refresher with Deryl who provided a continual narrative of what to watch for, etc. 2 days after that, I passed my road test and now I have a bike and plans to see the country backroads! These guys are good, easy to work with, and highly professional. Thanks for getting me to this point!

Sheldon Pearson

Friday, Jun 15, 2012
After many years of wanting my motorcycle licence I finally took the plunge and enrolled in the rider elements course with TNT. This course with the instruction from Merril and Jeremy is invaluable. I had an amazing time and when doing my road test 45 minutes after the course ended, through rush our traffic in Edmonton I was relaxed and confident. I passed my road test with flying colors and know I would not have with out the instruction and guidance I received from TNT. Thank you to Merril and Jeremy for helping me acheive a life long goal of not only getteing a class 6 licence but giving me the confidence and knowlege to become a good safe operator. Best of luck to all my class mates. Sheldon Pearson

Mike Scheideman

Sunday, Jun 10, 2012
TNT gave me a great first experience on a motorbike i had never been on any kind of bike before TNT and in only a day and a half they were able to teach me everything i needed to know to pass my class 6 with flying colors the very next day after the course. The instructors are great and have no problem spending all the time needed to answer all your questions and help you all the way through the drills when needed. TNT does not exaggerate the fact that you will be on a bike 98% of the time, You will start with a short 15min introduction of all your class mates, then head outside gear up do a quick 15 min run through of the bike then you will jump on and be riding the rest of the course. After Spending a few hours on the lot doing the drills TNT will take you out on a road ride where you will really be able to put all your skills into play as you head out on the road!. I would and already have recommended this course to many friends and family because of its high level of instruction and great learning environment. I give great thanks to TNTs Instructors and their great training facility they took me from a brand new riders to passing a class 6 with a perfect score in only just a day and a half and i bet they do the same for you! Thank You for everything TNT!!!

Daniel Patterson

Friday, Jun 8, 2012
The first time I have ever ridden a bike (besides going in first gear and almost stalling in parking lots) was at tnt, and they explained everything from the bottom up. The controls, the drills to prepare for braking and sharp corners, and general habits for safe riding have made me feel comfortable on a bike now. The staff were very helpful, and when I had trouble with a drill they took the time to help me one on one. I could also tell that the instructors were having fun at their jobs, and therefore I had some fun too. Kudos to you, and thanks.

Dustin D

Tuesday, Jun 5, 2012
I wasnt going to take the course because I had previous experience with dirt bikes as a child. Now 25 years old, I thought I knew everything about biking. I am very happy that I took the course, I passed my class 6 on my first try. I dont think I would have passed without the course even with my prior history. VERY RECOMMENDED even if you have prior experience. Take the course


Friday, May 25, 2012
My first ride on a motorcycle was with TNT and I must say they have transformed me, form an over-cautious rider, into a confident rider. Chris and Jeremy made the class unbelievably interesting (and fun) and was pleasantly surprised that we spent 99% of the time on the bikes. This course helped me tremendously in my class 6 test as well. Chris even showed up at the registry (a coincidence) to make sure my helmet strap was done up ! Thanks TNT.


Friday, May 18, 2012
Insructors are top notch. Knowledgeable, friendly, and very approachable. The large lot has plenty of space and is in excellent condition. The bikes are in good working condition and there a multiple styles to choose from. The skills I learned will be a definite asset. I most definitely suggest anyone who either hasen't ridden ever or if it's just been a while to take the rider elements course.

Angela B

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
I did the course this past weekend, never having ben on a bike before friday. Was so much fun!!! did my licence test sunday and passed with flying colors. Thanks TNT couldnt have done it without you! I would recommend this training to anyone.


Sunday, May 6, 2012
I started off this week with no experience on a motorcycle. I finished this week with my class 6 license! No way I could have achieved this without the quality instruction I received from Chris and Merrill. Thanks for all your help guys. Happy Riding!

Dan St-Pierre

Sunday, Apr 29, 2012
Fantastic course. I highly recommend this to any new rider who needs to improve on their skill level. The teachers were outstanding and demonstrated not only professionalism but true passion and respect for for the sport of motorcycling. Big thanks to all at TNT for helping me to be a better and safer rider!

Jeff E

Saturday, Apr 28, 2012
Took this course this past week with Merrill and Jeremy. Coming into the course I had read several books, watched several dvds and sat on bikes (but had never ridden one). Taking the course I had realized there is absolutely no supplement for taking an actual rider training course and am very glad I did take the course at TNT. Before the road portion/evaluation I started to get very frustrated and upset that I couldn't do things that I was doing well and had completely lost all confidence. Jeremy saw this and pulled me aside and gave me some words of wisdom. I realized I ended up practicing too much and wasn't truly giving my body a break. I was able to take the evaluation and road exam and pass the TNT course! So Thank you very much to Jeremy, Merrill and Deryl for everything! The only thing I wish I did differently was book my road exam AFTER the TNT course and NOT before. I had booked the course before the rider training to be the day after the TNT course, and had booked it using a friends bike. Huge mistake. First off I was already extremely fatigued from riding for 2 days! Second I used a bike that was 5 times more powerful (650cc) than the bike i practiced on!! Never followed their advice of getting used to the bike. So I became the FIRST person in my examiners 20 year history to CRASH a bike due to it being so much more power than I was used to... So anyone reading this. PLEASE follow all of their advice, book your exam after and use the same bike you practiced on! Common sense that I never followed because I was too eager to get my licence before the weekend!

Craig M

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2012
I took the $400'ish dollar course with TNT last weekend there and i was amazed at all the knowledge i recieved. Exceptional instructors and a very comfortable environment led to a great learning experience. I challenged my driving test last night and passed with flying colors. Thanks a bunch TNT, couldnt have done it without you! Cheers! :)


Monday, Apr 16, 2012
I did this course because riding is a part of our families lifestyle. As a 45-year old female with only passenger experience I felt at a disadvantage until I got on the bike at the course. I felt I could safely challenge myself and learn skills that will keep me safe when riding. The instructors were great and worked well with everyone. I'm looking forwarded to riding on my own this summer.

Witold Gutter

Monday, Sep 26, 2011
Took course with son (who has been riding and knew all about it). Started off wondering how the heck I would ever be able to ride a motorbike. Was absolutely amazed at what I learned - and so was my son who now realizes that there is a bit more to riding. Instructors were great - always willing to answer questions, always concerned about how you were doing. Recommend this to all including those who have been riding for awhile. I feel a lot better about my son being on a bike on the road now that he has completed a course here. Thanks!!


Tuesday, Sep 20, 2011
49 years old. Arrived at the course - looked down at the bike and wondered what am I doing? The girls were so helpful in delivering techniques that have made me so confident - I am now looking forward to purchasing a bike and enjoying this new sport. I would not have the confidence nor knowledge without the team at TNT. Thanks for sharing and caring! Looking forward to years of fun and enjoyment. Great girls!


Tuesday, Aug 16, 2011
Did the Rider Elements course 1 and a half week ago. Never been driven on my own but dreamed about it forever. Close to give up on Saturday morning, Thalia wouldn't let me go and I love her for that. Yesterday I passed my Road Test and I've got my License. Mark and Thalia, thanks for your patience and your support XO


Sunday, Aug 14, 2011
An excellent course with great instructors and small class sizes. The greatest asset of this course was the introduction of different motorcycle styles that can open the minds of beginners. This course is a must for all motorcycle enthusiasts. I can't wait to take Total Control in the next few years!


Saturday, Jul 23, 2011
Beautiful. Loved it!!!! The training I got really hit the nail on the head for what I needed and at a great pace, with fantastic instructors.I knew less than zero when I showed up to the training site. I didn't know how to start a bike let alone drive one. The time came and I got on the road, kicked it into 2nd then 3rd and thought wow I'm really flying what an amazing feeling..... then I looked down and saw I was only doing 50 and holding up traffic. I'm going to take another class just to push my confidence into 110% range. This training is worth every penny in my opinion. Live to Ride............

Mariya B

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2011
I was very impressed with the staff at TNT. Due to some registration issues from my end I had to call the office a number of times, and each time the person who picked up was very friendly, helpful, and patient. The beginner class was fun, informative, and ran smoothly. I look forward to taking the next level in the future! Thank you!


Monday, Jun 13, 2011
On Sunday I took the one on one course with Darryl to brush up on my skills. I was really nervous because I hadn't been on a bike in almost 5 years. Darryl went over all the basics in parking lot and when he felt confident that I could hit the road we went out for 1.5 hrs. I loved the radios that they use on the road and Darryl was so patient and encouraging. I would recommend the one on one to anyone in the same situation as I. Thank you TNT and look forward to using your services in the future.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011
I took the Rider's Elements Course last weekend and it exceeded my expectations. I was a little nervous to start as I had no prior experience with Street Bikes only Dirt bikes. It was a fantastic course. I learned so much. There were people in my class that had never been on a bike and others that had some experience. Steve and Thalia were amazing .... everyone in the class was at the same riding skill level at the end of the course.(which amazed me :) ) It was great how they picked up on each and everyone's skill levels and taught them appropriately.No one was bored or overwhelmed . The groups were small enough that individual help was possible so that everyone was understanding and able to correct what they needed to do to get proper result. It was alot of fun and so relaxed. Steve and Thalia made you feel confident and approached everything with an "Its easy , you can do it. let me show you how" attitude which was great. I highly recommend TNT and this course. You will not find this relaxed, informative and one on one training anywhere like it is done at TNT. It has given me the basic skills needed to be safe on the road and alot of great tips I won't forget. Forward thinking, look where your going and head up :) I can't wait to take the next one !


Saturday, Apr 30, 2011
I took the TNT course to get my bike license a couple of years ago and I had an excellent experience there. The course was thorough and the people supportive and fun to work with. I did pass the course that day and have been riding for 2 summers now. I still hear the instructor's (sorry, I can't remember his name) voice in my head when I ride, "look where you want to go and that's where your bike will go". Words that still help me stay in control. Thank you, TNT, for helping me to ride with confidence.


Tuesday, Apr 26, 2011
Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Took the course 04/17/11. I found the experience to be very helpful and well worth the time and money. I quickly gained confidence and the necessary skills to safely operate a motorcycle. I wrote the exam on 04/20/11 and passed with ease. Once I have some miles under my belt I think I'll be back for some more advanced training. Thanks! Jay


Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011
on april 19/2011 i took the road skills course with Darryl (instructor) and i am thankfull that i did. my course was at 1 pm to 3 pm and i was doing my road exam at the registry office at 4 pm. if it wasn't for Darryl coaching me for those two hours i would've not passed the road exam, he was very informative and coach me on what to look for during the ride, what not to do, he really coached me on riding tips and tricks espacially on gravel roads. this is a great course to take before your road test because after i finished with darryl i went down to the registry office, did my test and past. i gave me more confidence to ride for couple of hours on a bike prior to taking the test. Darryl thank you very much for all your help. not to mention that i also have taken the rider elements course prior to that on april 2 and 3 and that was a great course as well, they teach u stuff i never thought is possible to do with a bike like going 5 km/h. great course and the most friendliest instructors i ever met. thanks TNT


Friday, Oct 8, 2010
Friday, October 8, 2010 I took the Rider Elements Course offered in Fort McMurray in August 2010. I bought my bike back in April and was always too scared to ride. I wanted to start riding my bike safely. One word that this course has taught me is SAFETY!!!! Not only do I want to be safe for me but to feel confident enough to take my teenage kids riding with me. I finished the course with ease due to the skills and practice that Chris and Merrill taught me and encouraged me to do during the course. I highly recommend this course, the environment was calm and not intimidating for a novice rider like myself. I was confident enough that I took my class 6 road test the very next day and PASSED. Thankyou again Chris and Merrill.


Sunday, Sep 19, 2010
Best investment you can make for yourself. I was last on a bike 40 years ago and still retained most of my bad habits. Merrill was the best to help me break away from those and to learn many more new skills. Chris made the road skills a real confidence builder. I still hear his voice inside my head even when driving my cars. It has not only improved my bike riding, but every kind of driving. Even if you think YOU don't need a course like this, do it for your family and friends. The knowledge and confidence you will gain in any kind of traffic or road condition is amazing. The road test the next day was a piece of cake. Worth every penny. Thanks again Chris and Merrill.


Saturday, Aug 14, 2010
Wow, what a great course! My fiance surprised me with my own bike at the beginning of the summer, but I was terrified to go out on the road with it. I was content to ride around the local walmart parking lot after hours. Knowing that I needed to hit the road at some point, I took the TNT course Aug. 5 & 6; since then, I have made numerous road trips (100+ km); I have been all over the city and on all types of roads (gravel, construction, city, highway). If it weren't for TNT I don't think I would have ever left the walmart lot. Thanks TNT! I highly recommend your course for anyone new to motor-biking . Being a teacher, you folks were kind, sincere, articulate, and knowledgeable. I still hear Chris in my ear piece saying "look-up - see what's out there". Great Job, I love riding my new bike!


Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010
I signed up for the Rider Elements course to prepare myself to take the road test and receive my class 6. The instructors were amazing!!! They took a rag tag bunch of people from all different walks of like and motorcycle experiences and turned us all into competent and road ready drivers. The on lot and road skills were awesome and the instruction provided on both was second to none!!! I just took my road test this morning and passed with flying colours!!! (thank you to TNT for their awesome guidance and help) NOW LET'S RIDE!!!!


Wednesday, Jul 28, 2010
I've wanted to ride a bike for several years and it wasn't until my husband and 2 sons took the Rider Elements course with TNT and got their class 6 license when I finally decided to get over my fear and take the class. The class and fantastic instructors (Thalia and Merrill) far surpassed any expectations I had. I have to say that Chris was also amazing for the road portion of the course. As nervous as I was to head out, Chris immediately put my nervousness to rest. I never would have thought someone could pretty much 'hold your hand' (so to speak) on a motorbike. I can't say enough about TNT and the fact that my entire family succeeded in obtaining their class 6 license speaks volumes. Many thanks to Merrill, Thalia and Chris. I'm hooked!


Tuesday, Jul 13, 2010
I completed my road test, and I am pleased to say I passed my road test. However, I wouldn't have done it without the outstanding training I received from chris. I will always recommend this motor cycle training facility to others for awesome training that's provided @ TNT. Many thanks! ken


Saturday, Jul 10, 2010
I would like to thank Thalia, Meryl and Chris for a great learning experience. I took the Rider Elements course on July 8 & 9th and felt really confident going for my road test the very next morning and guess what! I PASSED!!!. I felt really comfortable during the course due to their excellent instruction & coaching skills. Riding with Chris on the road through traffic was another exciting part, with his help i was able to work on my flaws and gain more confidence.I will be going back for some of their advance courses for betterment. I would highly recommend TNT to all the people out there who aspire to ride a bike one day. Thanks guys!! you are the best in the business.


Saturday, Jun 26, 2010
Just finished Rider Elements with Talia and Merrill and it was fantastic. They were very professional, excited and more than anything, fun! The setting is fantastic and the fact that you can ride 4 different styles of bikes while you are there was an amazing bonus. During the road ride portion Deryl took us out and was outstanding. Very calm, cool and collected - made what could have been a very stressful situation extremely easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend TNT to anyone who wants to learn how to ride a bike in a stress free and fun atmosphere.


Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
I would like to thank all of the Instructors at TNT Motorcycling for helping Me to obtain My class 6 license. I have and will continue to recommend this course for anyone that I run across looking for a course to upgrade their skills for riding. I was happy to take the course and even more pleased after taking it. I learned so much more than I could have learned just riding with My buddies. From the slow course, emergency stops, avoidance maneuvers to picking up your bike if You dropped it. This course is fantastic and the instructors are exceptional. Special thank you to Thalia and Chris for making this course fun and enjoyable with the laughter and quick remarks to fix small errors you make right away.


Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
I took rider elements 6 years ago and since then I've logged over 30K. I still use the basic skills TNT taught me. The instructors at TNT were passionate about motorcycling and made learning how to ride fun. If you want to learn from knowledgable instructors that care to see you ride safe, TNT has a course for you.


Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
Recently I was part of the Rider Elements course. What an excellent experience it was. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about motorcycling. TNT provides a fun and practical setting to aquire the essential skills needed for the road. A special thank you goes out to our instructors Merrill, Flaviu, and Chris. Along with their professionalism, they made the course fun and enjoyable to be a part of. Thank you!


Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
Just wanted to say a big thanks to Mark and Steve for putting on a great course. I hadn't been on a bike in 25 years and wasn't sure what to expect. They really covered all of the basics and gave me a chance to work on the necessary skills to pass my class 6 license a few days after the course. Great communication, great teaching and a great time. Thanks again guys and hope to see you on the road.


Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
5 degrees and raining! Not exactly what one thinks of when wanting to ride a motorcycle. Chris and Talia were great! They made the experience fun and insightful even in the miserable conditions. Talia stood out in the rain for hours doing the lot testing while Chris and Deryl braved the wind and rain on the road tests. The instruction was personal, caring and considerate. Even with fourteen students in the class, each rider was given personal attention and advice. I would definitely recommend this rider training school to anyone interested in riding a motorcycle. Thanks again guys, it was great! Oh, and I'll see you soon for the "practice for life" bonus of the course. I for one will be taking advantage of such a great program.


Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
I live in the Fort McMurray area and there is next to nothing > for motorcycle training. When I applied at TnT the first thing that popped > in my mind was “Here comes another course put together just like any other > driving course” but, was I wrong. The instructors and firm and fair, they > are there to teach you to ride a motorcycle properly and safely so that > you can go home each day with the confidence to ride and be competent on > the road. I really appreciated what the instructor’s had to say during the > course to help me become a better rider on and off the bike. I would > strongly recommend the Rider Elements or any other training course to any > person looking to ride a motorcycle and perhaps who already own a > motorcycle and would like to get some more in-depth training.


Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
I'd like to thank Chris, Mark and Darrel for such a positive experience throughout the 2-day Rider Elements course in Fort McMurray. As relatively new riders, both my husband and myself gained knowledge, skill and confidence. Next time you're in Fort McMurray, we'll make sure we drop up to say hello. Thanks, guys! Great course!


Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010
Fantastic experience - I went in with no motorcycling experience whatsoever and after taking your Beginner Motorcycling course and your Rider Elements, I felt ready to pass my Class 6 test. And yesterday I did, with flying colours! Couldn't have done it without TNT, thanks for making a dream come true.

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