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Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

New Rider Training Course. Do you want a course that prepares you properly for the road?

We believe you need a solid foundation of skills to be a controlled, smooth rider. Our Rider Elements course has been developed to help you achieve this by using three approaches: our on-line theory module, our closed on-lot module and our on-road module. You will use our bikes for all the practical training.


2 Day Format

This course is held during one evening (5:45PM to 10:00 PM) and the following day (7:45 AM to 5:00 PM). You will be on the bike the entire time, with appropriate breaks for instruction and discussion. Each student is required to successfully complete our 3 course requirements. The Theory Section, including your home quiz, the Closed Lot Riding Portion, which measures your balance and slow speed control, the On Road Riding Portion, which measures your real-life riding skills in various street environments.

The Closed Lot Riding Portion includes group instruction, skill demonstration, customized drills and constant feedback from our instructors.

The On-Road Riding Portion has specially trained road instructors that understand the importance of situational awareness. We use a 3:1 student to instructor ratio and each student is equipped with a bike-to-bike communication system and high visibility vest.

Rental gear is available online at the time of booking or a cash payment of $20.00 per item for the duration of the course. All cash payments are due on the first day of the course.

Successful completion of Rider Elements automatically entitles you to our Free Practice for Life program!

Successful completion of Rider Elements qualifies for our specialized motorcycle group insurance plan at, underwritten by Intact.


Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills -
One on One Training


Bring your scooter or your motorcycle. We will even include the use of our motorcycle if you need one. Your SAFETY is the goal!


We can all agree, the more you know the better rider you become. TNT’s specially trained road instructors have helped thousands of riders become more knowledgeable, more confident on their motorcycles during this one-on-one 2-hr course.

We have helped young adults who are riding scooters on the streets for the first time get a better understanding of traffic management.

We have helped dirt bike riders make the transformation from the dirt to the street. The new rider to Canadian laws or the returning rider has used this course to get the skills and knowledge that they want.

Your instructor will diagnose and address any riding issues you may have through a combination of on-lot exercises and various traffic situations.

Our chief instructor, Chris Bulger even travelled to Nigeria to offer this amazing course to a local motorcycle club. Enabling each club member individualized, real time training strategies, that they are now using to improve their safety wherever they ride.

To enhance your learning experience. we include the use of our Sena Bike to Bike Communication System, allowing instant student feedback to ensure positive results.


Mountain Rider - Miette Hot Springs

Do you often feel unsure of yourself when riding through corners? Do you want 1-1 time to work on your cornering needs?

There are 3 students to 1 instructor. Participants will use their own bikes and enjoy the new feeling of confidence gained when unlocking the mysteries of cornering, forward planning and throttle control.


This 7 hr course begins at 6:30 AM at the Miette Hot Springs Parking Lot in Jasper National Park. Our students will learn about visual strategies and positional techniques that only curvy roads can provide. You will improve your cornering lines, throttle control, proper gear selection and braking techniques. Our certified advanced rider instructors help with one-on-one training through our bike-to-bike communication systems. Enjoy the benefit of hearing real time instructor feedback as you ride through one of the best roads Alberta has to offer.

Course Includes:

  • The use of our Sena Communication System for the course
  • Mid Morning Coffee
  • Lunch


TNT / BMW Off Road Practice Tour - Lumby BC

We begin our course with a coffee at Sisters Family Restaurant Lumby BC


New for 2024 Looking to work on your off/on road skills with your very large enduro bike in a real time environment? Ride out to Lumby BC for this exciting 8-hour course. We will meet for coffee in this small town, set the bikes for logging roads and have an ice cream stop after a few hours of gravel riding. After lunch at a small roadside restaurant, we will search out the roads we want more practice time on.


Slow Rider – Intermediate level

Servus Place Site – St Albert $195.00

We will work on the basic slow speed exercises on your motorcycle., focusing on Brakes, balance and throttle and clutch. Include 90 degree turns, serpentine, figure 8, straight line balance, U -Turns. You will fully understand your progress at the end of the course and what slow speed skills and balance techniques you need to incorporate into your daily riding.


TNT Moto GymKhana - Improve Your Slow Speed Skills

Need a day of FUN in 2024? Sign up for one of the best sports on 2 wheels, Moto Gymkhana. TNT has the specialized cone colors, the timing system and the certified course layouts to let you to compare your times around the world.


Bring your Go Pro and come have some good family fun in 2024!

All student motorcycles need to pass a safety inspection and provide valid insurance and registration. All rider gear is required.

This 3hr event will leave you with a smile and a grimace as you work on improving your own time. All skill levels and licensed motorcycles can do this event because it is all about self improvement!


BMW Off Road – level 1

COVID is behind us and ready to get back to offering BMW’s Certified Off-Road Course. Use your own larger Enduro bike for this 1-day course. Do you want to sharpen your off-road riding skills or take your first off-road riding class so you can venture off the pavement? No matter what brand of bike you ride this course is for you!

Course Bookings coming Soon


8 hour Course

Here is your chance to learn from a BMW Certified Off-Road riding instructor. This fun, one day course will teach riders the FUNdamentals of off-road riding. You will receive a great foundation to build upon and you’ll overcome your fears of riding in the dirt. You will leave with a better understanding of what these large adventure bikes can do.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to properly set up your motorcycle for off-road riding
  • Rider position and enduro steering for off-road riding
  • How to balance properly on a heavy adventure motorcycle
  • Introduction to riding on loose surfaces
  • How to ride slow and controlled
  • How and when to ride at full steering lock
  • Correct line of sight and body position
  • Emergency stopping/braking even on a slope
  • How to climb and descend hills

Students must provide their own motorcycle and proper riding gear.

A light Lunch and water will be provided. Special Diets please bring your own food.

Ready to get started?

We believe you need a solid foundation of skills to be a controlled, smooth rider.