My first ride was at 11 years old on a 1975 Yamaha jt1 60cc. 

 I start riding because of my friend who was passionate about motorcycle. I did the Calabogy racing school in 2010 in Ontario and enjoy working on my riding skills.

I am retired from the Canadian Military. I keep myself busy as a professional saxophone player. On  many occasions I play with the Edmonton Symphony as a jazz player and enjoy my role as musical director for 2 jazz orchestras in Edmonton. (THE GATEWAY BIG BAND AND CAPITAL CITY BIG BAND). 

 I have been an instructor since 2007. I taught with the Alberta Safety Council, Ottawa Safety Council and CTEC. I joined TNT in 2017.

I am very excited this year to ride my brand new BMW RT1250

My most memorable riding experiences are around touring with my friends, I have ridden through a lot of twisty roads throughout Quebec with my riding buddies. A few years ago my buddy rode his V Max  west and we toured for 10 days. Loved the scenery in the Rocky Mountains. Our 4000 km trip involved Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Nelson and the Okanagan Valley. We had a total blast. We endured a couple days of heavy rain, but the rest was just the perfect weather.

I want my students to learn the good basic skills to become safe on the road. I want to be able to share my knowledge and experience with them so they have the proper skills to enjoy themselves with the proper attitudes on the roads and especially respect the rules of the road. My main tip that I would say is practice is the key of success.

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