What Our Courses Offer

We believe you need a solid foundation of skills to be a controlled, smooth rider. Your SAFETY is the goal! We are a recognized driver training school that focuses on motorcycle rider training only.

TNT Extra Benefits

  • We are Certified under the Income Tax Act. Students can claim course fees back.
  • Since 1999 we have offered Free Practice For Life for all graduates of Rider Elements Program.
  • Insurance Discounts Available to TNT Specialized Rider Training Insurance Program exclusively through Bulger Insurance and Intact Insurance
  • Experienced, Government Certified Qualified, Enthusiastic motorcycle Instructors

Ready to get started?

We believe you need a solid foundation of skills to be a controlled, smooth rider. 

Why Should I Choose TNT To Teach ME?

Approach To Learning

Student success is achieved by understanding our clients. We use various methods; Group Instruction; Skill, Demonstration, One-on-One Coaching, Customized Drills, Positive Feedback

A Safe Motorcycle

Typically most rider training companies do not repair the signal lights or decide to take them right off. Once a rider training company starts being comfortable with bikes that do not pass a simple Bike Check, the instructor skills begin to deteriorate, they start skipping over important information the student needs to learn such as using the signal light switch properly.

At TNT we imagine a new rider taking his bike out for the first time on the road, as he is searching for the unfamiliar signal light switch, his attention and eyes are diverted from the traffic ahead to the switch just as the car in front of them stops short for a pedestrian…

Proper Education

The owner and chief instructor, Chris Bulger, continues to search the motorcycle training industry to keep TNT’s training techniques at a world class level.

We have brought outside professional trainers from the USA to audit our courses, we know it is a big world out there and even though we spend time and energy on our own instructing skills we feel it is critical to have other highly regarded instructors come and see us.

It is no mistake that we have the first 4 Instructors in Canada that are certified to teach Lee Parks Advanced Riding Clinic, Total Control. Check out our testimonial page for a better insight on our approach.