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Our Most Popular Motorcycle Courses


Rider Elements - Learn to RIDE

Do you want to learn to ride? This is our premier motorcycle program and provides comprehensive training. Bikes provided and gear available.


Rider Instincts - Licensed Riders

When do I improve my riding skills, my knowledge? When I reach 1,000 km? 8,000 km? 3 years? 5 years? After I crash? Never? We all know the answer. Every time I ride I should get better. From the beginner to the expert we ask ourselves, what skills? And how? The answer. Enroll in Rider Instincts in 2021.This customized course challenges the motorcyclist to understand and practice the skills required to ride safe.


Miette Hot Springs Run - Elevate Your Road Skills

We have updated this excellent course in 2017 to make it more affordable. Would you like to improve your cornering skills? Join us for this amazing course in beautiful Jasper National Park!


Rider Tactics 1 - Upgrade Your Skills

Do you ALREADY have the basic skills to operate a motorcycle? Are you preparing for your Alberta Class 6 Road Test? Do you want to refine your ON ROAD skills? Need more confidence IN TRAFFIC with your riding? This two-hour customized course is the course for you, or your friend.


TNT Moto GymKhana - Improve Your Slow Speed Skills

Riding your own motorcycle against your own times. Motorcycle gymkhana is a motorcycle time trial sport in which riders compete to maneuver in the shortest time through a paved course restricted by specially sized and colored traffic cones.Motorcycle gymkhana is especially popular in Japan and TNT has brought it to Edmonton, Alberta.


West End Registries - Road Testing is Opening in mid April

West End Registries - Road Testing is Opening in mid April West End Registries has confirmed class 6 testing exclusive to TNT Motorcycling Students begins mid April. Only graduates from Rider Elements, Spyder Tactics and Rider Tactics are eligible for this service. Course Certificates must be shown and rental bike fees for Rider Tactics students must be pre-arranged and paid. Please refer to your TNT Student material for booking instructions.

Miette Hot Springs Course now open

Make 2021 the year you work on your corners! Reduced student to instructor ratio- 2-1 this year!

New Course - Rider Instincts

Check it out! A great course to work on a variety of skills with your own bike. Road and Lot Skills