Chris - BMW Off Road, Lot, Road Instructor

Founder & Chief Instructor

Chris started riding when he was 16 years old. His father rode, so it seemed only natural that Chris would want to follow suit. The first thing he was taught was that if he wanted to ride a motorcycle, he had to learn to put it together.

Chris started teaching in 1996, and after his wife got frustrated where she was taking a local learn-to-ride course, Chris decided that since this was a sport he lived, he could also help people attain the freedom that trained motorcyclists feel, and thus he founded TNT Motorcycling in 1999.

He designed the course curriculum based on his extensive motorcycling experiences and his studies as a Rehabilitation Practitioner Diploma holder.

In 2007, Chris started to concentrate on training the trainer, and that led him to take motorcycle-training courses from all over the world to improve on his riding skills and acquire more knowledge.

He is the only Canadian to obtain his On Street Instructor Certification from Stayin’ Safe. In 2010, Chris  became licensed Instructor for Total Control’s Advanced Rider Certification & passed his Motor Officer Training Course taken in Southern California. He holds an Advanced Motorcycle Instruction Diploma as well as the RoSPA Advanced Riders Top Certification, Gold Grade in the UK.

After a 2009 road trip across Argentina and Chile, Chris got hooked on off road riding. His new found interest saw him learning from Simon Pavey at the BMW Off Road Skills School in Wales, where he obtained his level 1 and 2 Off Road certification. 

In 2015, BMW Motorrad Canada sponsored Chris to Germany to become a certified BMW Off Road Instructor.

For Chris, riding also provides special moments with family to cherish, just like riding with his brother and buddy to the USA for the first time on his Honda CB750F, riding with his wife immediately after she got her license on her KLR650, and riding with his son, Eric on numerous Three Flag Classics (Eric has received the youngest rider award two times in a row). In 2015 Chris and Eric rode from USA to Argentina through Mexico, Central America, Chile and Ushuaia.

In 2017, Chris & his wife Marion rode the 3 Flags with their daughter Julianna, who won the youngest rider award. Chris has ridden the 3 Flags Classic 8 times. 

In 2019, Chris and his daughter, Katrina, completed the SCMA Triple Crown. Katrina is the youngest rider to complete this major ride that consists of 3 different events in 1 year.

For anyone who wants to ride, Chris says, "Never stop learning" and borrowing BMW’s slogan, he adds, “Make Life A Ride"